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Fall Protection for Existing Buildings vs New Construction   When you think of fall protection, you probably think of a guard rail or harness system being used during the construction of a new structure. And you’d be almost right. New construction is an obvious place where fall protection is needed, but that doesn’t mean that […]

Floor Mount Rail and Stairwell Installation EDGE Fall Protection, LLC recently installed our floor mounted permanent sized rail section and Kwik Rail at a Technical College in Minnesota.  Last winter, an employee slipped, fell, and incurred an injury because no stairwell railing existed.  While the railing was not required by OSHA, since the height was less […]

While the benefits of skylights are numerous, the skylight fall protection hazards are often overlooked.  Skylights pose a particular danger to individuals working around them because they are often viewed as “safe.”  Unlike more obvious fall hazards like leading edges, a skylight’s dome creates a false sense of security for personnel working around them.  In […]

There are two different types of fall protection that can be implemented to meet OSHA requirements: passive fall protection or active fall protection. Passive Fall Protection Passive fall protection is a system that is stationary, non-dynamic, and requires no human interaction to support itself or serve its purpose.  Most often, passive fall protection takes the […]