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A Guide to Rooftop Fall Protection

OSHA long ago coined the phase, “there is no safe place on a roof.”  Now, while that is absolutely true, it does not mean that the problem should be ignored or steps should not be taken to mitigate these risks because, as we all know, work must be completed at heights and the job must get done!  Of course, there are a number of ways to reduce risks for employees and contractors, but the best may be rooftop railing systems.

Rooftop Railing Systems

Rooftop railing systems come in a variety of options and implementations.  Here at EDGE Fall Protection, we focus our efforts on providing this fall protection guide for rooftop safety that is most effective at keeping those exposed to heights safe, yet, simple to install. This is why we offer so many different systems that can all be used as OSHA complaint rooftop railing!

Freestanding Rooftop Railing Systems

360 Mobile Portable Freestanding rooftop railing system

Our 360 Mobile rooftop railing system gives customers the ability to protect their employees, while maintaining the integrity of their roof.  This rooftop fall protection safety rail is a completely freestanding rooftop safety rail system, which means it requires ZERO roof or substrate penetrations!  Each 360 Mobile omni-directional base is approximately 104 pounds of cast iron with a standard powder coated safety yellow or hot-dipped galvanized finish. The safety rail system is easily assembled by inserting one of our sized rail sections – available in 1 foot increments from 2-10’ – into one of the (4) receiver posts in the base. A securing pin is added to keep the rail in place, and the process is repeated until you’ve covered your required area. Outriggers or 90 degree kickers, which are a rail and base at a 90 degree angle from the leading edge, are required at the beginning and end of each run to maintain stability. Only two outriggers are required, whether the run is 10’ or 1,000’. The system is easily assembled, and can act as a temporary OSHA compliant rooftop railing system or permanent OSHA compliant rooftop railing system.  It has been tested to meet all OSHA requirements pertaining to guardrail (29 CFR 1910.23 and 29 CFR 1926.502).  Use our 360 Mobile Safety Rail for rooftop fall protection around the entire perimeter, individual rooftop unit fall protection, rooftop fall protection around courtyards, or skylight fall protection.

Architectural AccuFit Rooftop Railing System

The Architectural AccuFit Rooftop Railing system functions similarly to the 360 Mobile Rooftop Railing System, but adds an architectural appeal allowing it to blend into the sight-lines of the rooftop, while still providing complete rooftop fall protection. The Architectural AccuFit Rooftop Railing system is also a completely freestanding guardrail system, the system requires ZERO penetrations to the roof membrane or substrate.  This passive roof safety rail system is constructed of schedule 40 pipe with a standard hot-dipped galvanized finish, right here in the USA to ensure the highest quality.  The AccuFit roof safety railing has three different stanchions to choose from: straight, curved, and a curved designer stanchion.  These different stanchions provide the aesthetic appeal when needed, and a custom powder coated finish can easily be applied with a quick turnaround time.

AccuFit Metal Rooftop Railing System

Metal roofs can be a particularly dangerous area to work as they easily become slippery with precipitation.  Our AccuFit Metal Rooftop Railing System will provide a passive fall protection safety rail solution for metals roofs.  It too is constructed with our schedule 40 hot-dipped galvanized pipe, and base plates.

R-Panel and Corrugated Metal Flat Roof Safety Rail

The AccuFit R-Panel Flat Safety Rail System or Corrugated version will provide a permanent solution to your fall protection needs.  Our base plates are secured with self-drilling screws, and self-sealing gaskets to eliminate any potential leaks.  As always, easy to install, durable, and 100% made in the USA including our skylight screen system.

Standing Seam Metal Flat Roof Safety Rail

Our AccuFit Standing Seam Metal Flat Rooftop Railing System utilizes S5 Clamps to engage the standing seam and avoid any penetrations.  The non-penetrating guardrail is easily installed and can be built for any type of seam.  Give us a call and tell us about your specific requirements!

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