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About Us

Our purpose is simple, “We protect people.” 

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How We Can Help You

Edge Fall Protection Capabilities

EDGE Fall Protection provides a turnkey solution to its end users. In addition to our expansive selection of products available, our services include:

  • Procurement of Fall Protection solutions
  • Installation of Fall Protection Systems
  • Certification/testing of anchor points, Horizontal Lifelines, and Ladders
  • Engineering Services and facilitation
  • Fall Protection Evaluation and Consultation

EDGE Fall Protection Guarantee

We will have THREE touch points with our customers within 36 hours.

Companies We Partner With

Companies We Partner With

About EDGE Fall Protection

EDGE Fall Protection, LLC, (EDGE FP) specializes in fall protection equipment for commercial use during the construction process, for new buildings, and for existing buildings. We strive to provide the highest quality products that are made in the USA by American Welding Society Certified Fabricators that are simple to install. 

Many of our rooftop safety solutions do not require drilling, welding, and, in many cases, penetrations of any type. When welding, drilling, or fastening is required for our Fall Arrest Solutions, we coordinate with an Engineering firm to ensure we provide a PE stamp for YOUR state. Our systems meet or exceed OSHA requirements and have had independent third-party testing to ensure requirements and specifications have been met.

Our Core Values

We are Expert Problem Solvers

We exist to create safe solutions for your employees by working within your specific constraints.

We respect ourselves and others

During the planning phase, sales process, site evaluation, and during installation, all our team members will respect themselves, their colleagues, and all persons they encounter.

We are hard-working people who take pride in their work

We are firm believers that success comes from hard-work. We attract and promote these people within the organization to keep the ethos of our company vibrant, fun, and consistent with our other core values

We provide Exceptional Customer Service

They are why we exist, and we will do our best to do right by YOU.

We are passionate, coachable learners

Life is all about learning and growing from one another. At EDGE, we hire people who are naturally curious and want to ask questions to get to the root cause of an issue!

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