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Fall Protection Anchor Inspection & Anchor Testing Company

Edge Fall Protection not only designs and installs anchorage systems, but also provides inspections and testing of anchors.  Whether on rooftop or for other inside applications, anchors are common and useful in fall protection systems.  

When properly installed and maintained, rooftop anchors as well as anchors located inside building structures can provide a secure point of attachment to attach lanyards, lifelines, or other forms of tie-offs to a body harness for fall arrest system or fall restraint purposes.

Companies may not realize the importance of fall protection anchor inspection.  Why complete anchor testing and anchor inspections?

Thorough Fall Protection Anchor Inspection

Benefits of fall protection anchor inspection

Because of excessive wear, misuse, outdoor elements, or changing building structure, an anchor point can degrade over time.  Thorough and regular anchor point inspections are an integral part of fall protection systems because inspections can help identify fall hazards and assure that equipment is safe as well as suitable for use. 

Essentially anchor inspection and anchor testing of each anchorage point can provide assurance that anchor integrity and functionality are not compromised.  Identifying any possible hazards or issues early can help keep repair costs down and decrease potential safety risks to your workers.

Edge Fall Protection’s anchor testing and certification services help our customers meet safety requirements, whether that’s during a design for anchorage systems stage, installation, anchor testing, anchor inspection, or anchor certification. 

We can take the hassle out of uncertainties you may have about what’s involved with anchorage systems and yet satisfy OSHA/ANSI/IBC requirements.  Let us help you with your fall protection anchor inspection, onsite testing of installed anchors, and anchor installation needs.

What to expect during a fall protection anchor inspection

During an onsite inspection, our EDGE professionals identify worn or damaged components and any components that may not conform to system specifications.  Part of the inspection involves looking for deformities and signs of deterioration of anchors. 

We provide fall protection documentation which may include recommendations for system repair or replacement.  It is also possible for one of our EDGE Teams to return to provide turnkey repair or replacement based on inspection findings and your needs. 

To maintain OSHA compliance, your anchor systems are required to be inspected by a qualified person annually.  When it comes to roof anchor verification and testing, OSHA requires that all single anchor points and lifeline systems are inspected by a competent person other than a user yearly.  EDGE frequently performs onsite fall protections of existing single point or multipoint anchors.  Qualified personnel conduct a complete review to certify system compliance with OSHA and ANSI standards.

EDGE also conducts recertifications which involve inspection with onsite load testing. Load testing for recertification is typically done at intervals not to exceed 5 or 10 years depending on what type of system is utilized.

About onsite anchor testing

Each anchor point needs to be regularly inspected and certified.  Anchor testing is performed to measure the performance of the anchor. There are two main types of load testing applicable to fall protection anchorages and EDGE has the expertise to conduct these load tests.  The two main types of load testing are proof testing and pull testing, also known as strength testing.

Our experienced EDGE team utilizes great care to avoid any damage when using a combination of proof and strength testing with pull testing an anchorage.  We provide proof loading documentation of tests on installed anchors as part of the validation of installation for quality management, project owners, and for your records. 

What to expect during a roof anchor installation/roof anchor inspection

Given EDGE’s diverse range of fall protection safety systems and expert turnkey installation services, our well-trained professional crews conduct roof anchor installations and roof anchor inspections following strict safety standards, policies, and procedures.  We can handle all onsite anchor installations including roof anchor installations as well as roof anchor load testing and certification.

Our professionals assess the installation for confirmation that the anchors are ready for use.  Part of correct installation involves use of appropriate fasteners consistent with load bearing requirements and access locations.

Be assured of OSHA compliance with your installation being done under the supervision of a qualified person from EDGE’s installation team of professionals. 

What are the benefits of utilizing EDGE’s attention to detail and expert anchor inspection, testing, and anchor installation expertise?

Trust the EDGE Team as Your Fall Protection Anchor Inspection and Anchor Testing Experts

We Prioritize Anchor Safety

Falls are one of the leading causes of traumatic and fatal workplace injuries.  EDGE recognizes that an up-to-date, safe and secure, anchor fall protection system can significantly prevent, reduce and eliminate fall injuries and deaths. 

We are committed to safety in all aspects of fall protection, adhering to all industry OSHA/ANSI safety standards, properly performing, and documenting all inspections to ensure compliance.  In addition, the professionals at EDGE are knowledgeable of all safety guidelines, procedures, and documentation requirements for installation, inspection, testing, certification, and recertification.

We Conduct Inspections of All Types of Anchors

Anchors used for fall restraint are not subject to the same amount of force used for fall arrest systems and requirements are different depending on the application.  Our EDGE team, including competent as well as qualified personnel as defined by OSHA, has the experience and knowledge to not only install but also to inspect and test anchors used for fall restraint as well as for fall arrest systems. 

EDGE frequently performs inspections of existing fall protection anchors.  We also perform load or pull tests on anchors.  Load tests can be the assurance that building owners and those using the anchors that workers are attaching to safe anchor points.

In addition, our EDGE team can arrange for an annual inspection of your anchors to ensure components of the anchor system are functioning in the intended manner and are safe for your workers to use.   

We Provide Complete Anchor Testing and Inspection Documentation

After EDGE completes a thorough fall protection anchor inspection, you receive an accurate detailed report of our findings.  Once the anchor testing or fall protection anchor inspection is done, you will know what issues are present, if any.  

If your fall protection anchorage system needs repair or replacement, our team of professionals provide detailed information and will help you with any questions you may have about these findings.  Our dedicated team offers services in working directly with you to design, install, and complete repairs or replacements for your fall protection anchorage needs.

We include all the necessary documentation required by OSHA to ensure OSHA regulation compliance.

We Deliver Safety Excellence

By partnering with Edge Fall Protection, you access our team of fall protection experts.  With our knowledgeable OSHA competent and qualified technicians, you have the safety system assurance and security of knowing your safety concerns are not overlooked. 

We offer consistent communication throughout every project, big or small.

Relying on EDGE for your anchor inspection and testing needs removes the hassle from you in arranging, managing, and documenting anchorage inspections and testing. 

Contact EDGE for Expert Anchor Testing & Inspection

Our comprehensive list of fall protection services includes not only design of fall protection systems but also includes inspection, installation, and testing of anchor systems. If you are uncertain that your fall protection anchorage system is safe and installed correctly, in good working order, or you need help managing your fall protection inspection, contact EDGE today.

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