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Microlearning Safety Training

Whether in construction, industry, or manufacturing, many businesses are concerned about workplace safety.  That concern ...
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EDGE 360 Mobile Safety Rail Labor Plaza

Rooftop Railing System for Protection From Falls

Falls from rooftops represent over 42% of deaths in construction.  Because falls are the leading ...
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Metal Roof Safety Rail - EDGE Fall Protection LLC

Non-Penetrating Guardrails Protecting From Falls

In considering systems to prevent falls, non-penetrating guardrails can keep workers safe and has the ...
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Concerns About Falls From a Leading Edge

Employers aim to keep their workers safe.  Employers also have a responsibility to create a ...
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Fall Protection for Rooftop Challenges

Not all rooftops are simple.  There may be some rooftop challenges such as parapets, pipes, ...
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Roof Safety Rail Installation

Fall Prevention Compared to Fall Protection

Fall prevention and protection considerations are important in industry and construction because falls are among ...
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