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Roof Perimeter Warning Line System Spacing

A roof perimeter warning line system is a passive restraint fall protection system.  Warning lines ...
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EDGE Fall Protection Industrial Removable Guardrail

Toeboards & OSHA Requirements: When to Use Them

What is a toe board: What is it used for? A toe board is the ...
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Providing Fall Protection for Roof Hatches

Roof hatches provide roof access for workers and for equipment.  While work is done on ...
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Metal Roof Guardrail - EDGE Fall Protection

Fall Protection Rules: Basic Things You Need to Know

Falls are the most common causes of work injuries and deaths.  In calendar year 2016 ...
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Downward Vertical Mezzanine Safety Gate - EDGE Fall Protection, LLC (1)

Safety Gate Fall Protection Applications

According to OSHA, a common cause of industry injuries and fatalities is falls.  Because falls ...
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OSHA Fixed Ladder Requirements

Fixed ladders can be found in a variety of industries and applications including inside a ...
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