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Looking for Bollards, Concrete Parking Stops, and Posts? Start Here.

SlowStop® Rebounding Bollards

At EDGE Fall Protection, we pride ourselves in being able to provide you with the best product to fit your needs and applications. Therefore, we also offer both 3” and 4” SlowStop® Horseshoe Parking Bollard Posts that offer twice the stopping power of a single rebound bollard. Customers love our concrete parking stops, as these bollard systems can be easily installed without needing to core large holes into the existing concrete. We also offer Ironflex column protectors, pallet rack end guards, and industrial guarding and fencing systems.


Available Parking Bollard Post Products: Concrete Parking Stops, Posts, & Sleeves


The 3” IronFlex Horseshoe Bollard is made of two rebounding bollard bases and connected via the IronFlex system. The tandem set-up offers increased stopping power. This parking bollard post stops 5,000 pounds at 3.8 mph without damage.

Similarly, the 4” IronFlex Horseshoe Bollard is useful for heavier applications. It can stop 5,000 pounds at 4.8 mph without damage.


IronFlex Column Protectors (Bollard Covers/Sleeves) are an ideal solution to protect a structural column. The standard 4” bollard guard can withstand 7,868 lbs of force. It can stop 5,000 lbs moving at almost 7 mph without damage.


The 3” IronFlex Pallet Rack End Guard is designed to protect pallet racks from forklift damage without incurring any damage themselves. The 3” guard is best used for standard forklift protection and heavy pallet jack traffic.


Similarly, the 4” IronFlex Pallet Rack End Guard is also useful to protect pallet racks from damage. It is ideal for heavy forklift traffic.




3” IronFlex Horseshoe Bollard 4” IronFlex Horseshoe Bollard IronFlex Column Protectors 3” IronFlex Rack Protectors 4” IronFlex Rack Protectors
Bollard Diameter 2.88” 4.00” All sizes available 2.88” 4”
Width 36” 36” Variable 34”, 36”, 42”, or 48” 34”, 36”, 42”, 48”, or 60”
Height 36” 28” Usually 24” 13.5” 17”
Weight 97 lbs 123 lbs Variable 90 lbs 140-190 lbs
Energy Absorption 3,240 joules or 2,390 ft/lbs 5334 joules or 3,934 ft/lbs Variable 3,240 joules or 2390 ft/lbs 5,334 Joules or 3,934 ft/lbs



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