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Osha Regulations Standards 2024

Mastering the Heights: Your 5-Step Guide to OSHA’s Fall Protection Regulations in 2024

OSHA’s fall protection regulations have remained mostly consistent over the past few years, but there ...
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Fall Protection Anchor Inspection & Anchor Testing Company

Edge Fall Protection not only designs and installs anchorage systems, but also provides inspections and ...
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Overhead Fall Protection: Rail Yard and Rail Car Safety Solutions

Rail yards are bustling hubs of activity, where trains are loaded, unloaded, and maintained. Despite ...
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OSHA Common Fall Accidents

OSHA Cautions Deadly Construction Accidents Related to Falling

Each year, thousands of construction employees fall victim fatal accidents. Even more unfortunate than the ...
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PitRail - EDGE Fall Protection

Safety Railing and Guardrail Requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provided new fall protection standards back in Fall ...
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Scaffolding Safety and OSHA Regulations

Those in construction and general industry see some of the highest injury and fatality rates.  ...
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EFP Illinois Project

History of Fall Protection

The history of fall protection includes gradual changes in safe work practices, innovative equipment, and ...
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Top 10 Workplace Safety OSHA Violations for 2019

For fiscal year 2019, the National Safety Council (NSC) and the Occupational Safety and Health ...
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Metal Roof Safety Rail - EDGE Fall Protection LLC

Non-Penetrating Guardrails Protecting From Falls

In considering systems to prevent falls, non-penetrating guardrails can keep workers safe and has the ...
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Concerns About Falls From a Leading Edge

Employers aim to keep their workers safe.  Employers also have a responsibility to create a ...
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