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Fall Protection Concerns – New Construction Vs. Existing Buildings

Fall Protection for Existing Buildings vs New Construction   When you think of fall protection, you probably think of a guard rail or harness system being used during the construction of a new structure. And you’d be almost right. New construction is an obvious place where fall protection is needed, but that doesn’t mean that […]

The Hierarchy of Fall Protection

OSHA guidelines on fall protection are centered around the idea that some situations require different types of fall protection systems. This way of thinking about situations from most dangerous to least dangerous is called the “hierarchy of fall protection.” It’s a great way to think about what types of fall protection solutions work best. Here’s […]

OSHA Regulations for Fall Protection and Safety

What are the OSHA Guidelines and regulations for Fall Protection? Over the years, there have been questions that have consistently been raised in regards to fall protection scenarios.  We plan to address a few of the questions in this section.  Firstly, everyone must know that some type of fall protection is required anytime an employee […]

Making Sense of OSHA Guidelines for Fall Protection

OSHA construction standards and guidelines for fall protection help to ensure that workers aren’t injured by a fall. Unfortunately, falls are still one of the most common causes of workplace injuries — accounting for 38% of the total construction-related deaths in 2015 according to OSHA. To protect your employees and your bottom line, you’ll want […]