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Scaffolding Safety and OSHA Regulations

Those in construction and general industry see some of the highest injury and fatality rates.  The use of scaffolding is one of most common causes of these incidents.   According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, each year there are about 4,500 injuries and more than 60 fatalities related to scaffolding.  There’s little surprise that scaffolding […]

Difference Between Federal OSHA and Cal OSHA


How are federal OSHA and Cal OSHA fall protection similar? How are they different?  For that matter, what is Cal OSHA?  When it comes to guardrail fall protection standards, how do federal OSHA and Cal OSHA fall protection compare? This blog post aims to address these questions. Federal vs State OSHA Overview First of all, […]

OSHA Guidelines for COVID-19 in Construction

The coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19, is a threat to safety, health, and businesses.  The U.S. construction industry is not immune to the effects and challenges that coronavirus presents.  OSHA issued guidance for construction employees and employers (source:  OSHA’s COVID-19 Control and Prevention/Construction Work).  This guidance does not take the form of a standard […]

Toeboards & OSHA Requirements: When to Use Them

EDGE Fall Protection Industrial Removable Guardrail

What is a toe board: What is it used for? A toe board is the most basic element of roof safety in use today. It is a horizontal piece of wood or metal (typically the size of a 2 x4) that is run horizontally near roof edges. The purpose of toeboards is to prevent falling […]