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Fall Protection Railing for Roofs

            The rooftop has the greatest amount of fall related deaths.  For this reason, it should be one of the first locations to implement a fall protection program, and address specific concerns related to rooftop safety issues.

Fall Protection Railing

            Fall Protection Railing is probably the simplest way to protect employees working on rooftops. Unlike anchor points and harnesses, fall protection guardrail offers leading edge fall protection at all times when an employee is up on the roof.  These systems meet all fall protection railing requirements, are simple to install, and can also be used as a temporary fall protection system!  Fall protection guardrail is truly the best way to provide leading edge protection for your most valuable asset – your employees.

Problems with Active Fall Protection Systems

Active fall protection systems most commonly involve some type of anchor points.  Anchor points are part of a three-part system that require rooftop penetrations that can lead to expensive leaks.  In addition, the anchors must be tested periodically to ensure that they continue to meet the load requirements to stop a free fall.  The other two parts of the system are the lanyard and harness.  Both parts of the system are highly susceptible to user error.  If ANY of these three parts fail, your active roof fall protection system fails which can lead to deadly consequences.

Skylight Fall Protection

            Lack of skylight fall protection is one of the most concerning areas on the roof.  Since skylights are often not considered a “hole” by employees as it is in OSHA 1926.501(b)(4), employees overlook the dangers that these skylights pose.  Skylight fall protection requirements are clear: skylights are considered a hole and must be guarded as such.  This means that to have proper skylight fall protection, the skylights must meet a 200 pound load test, or have a system in place that offers protection from a person falling on the skylight.  Skylight risk mitigation bests takes the form of skylight screens, skylight guards, or skylight railing system.  Depending on your needs, one system may be better suited for your rooftop than others, but, rest assured, all systems provided by EDGE Fall Protection fully meet OSHA skylight fall protection requirements.

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