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OSHA Proposed Changes for Safety of Construction Sites

360 Mobile Safety Rail - EDGE Fall Protection

OSHA Rule Proposal

In a recent May 2018 Trade Release, OSHA changes were made to increase construction site safety. Proposed OSHA changes include crane operator certification clarity and reinstating employer responsibility in ensuring crane operator qualifications to increase safety in operating equipment.

Fall Hazard for Workers in Construction

In calendar year 2016 according to OSHA, 991 deaths out of 4,693 worker fatalities (or 21.1%) were in construction.  In addition, out of the 991 deaths in construction, 384 were to due falls (or 38.7%).  Source.  Whether in construction or in other industry, it is important that employers make sure there is a safe working environment.  Falls are the most common causes of work injuries and deaths.  An important aspect of construction site safety is fall protection. Fall protection is needed to prevent employees from falling off elevated work areas or overhead platforms, or falling into holes in the floor and walls, or falls when working over dangerous equipment and machinery.  Preventing falls and injuries to employees and operators can save money in the long haul by reducing workers’ compensation. insurance claims/premiums, and potential OSHA fines.  Fall prevention can also increase worker productivity and confidence that they’re working in a safe environment.

Flexible Freestanding Fall Protection

Non-penetrating and customizable fall protection systems such as the EDGE 360 Mobile Safety Rail provide flexibility for construction sites and other industries.  These safety rails are freestanding and can be moved as construction proceeds and removed when the construction concludes.  An added bonus is that the safety rails can be used at another construction site in the future.  This EDGE 360 Mobile Safety Rail system has been independently certified and tested to meet OSHA Fall Protection regulations and is fully compliant with the Buy America Act – 100% made in the USA.

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