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Active Fall Arrest Restraint Systems


Active Fall Restraint Systems

EDGE protection offers a variety of fall arrest and fall restraint systems designed to meet your active fall protection needs for the safety of your workers in elevated environments. Discover the difference between fall arrest and fall restraint to determine which system better suits your needs.

What is an Active Fall Restraint System?

An active fall restraint system stops a worker before they fall by preventing the fall via a tie off system which prevents a person from reaching a fall hazard.  Basically, a lanyard connected to a person will not allow that person to reach and fall from an unprotected leading edge. These are also referred to as a travel restraint system. Fall restraint systems can include single point anchors and horizontal lifelines in which workers wear a body harness and connect a fixed-length lanyard to an anchor point.

What is an Active Fall Arrest System?

A fall arrest system prevents and protects workers from injuries after they fall by stopping the fall.  A personal fall arrest system, according to OSHA, is a “system used to arrest an employee in a fall from a walking-working surface.  It consists of a body harness, anchorage, and connector.  The means of connection may include a lanyard, deceleration device, lifeline, or a suitable combination of these.” Basically, a fall arrest system stops a person, in the process of a fall, from hitting the lower level or ground.

What is the Difference Between Fall Restraint vs Fall Arrest Systems?

As you can see, active fall restraint and fall arrest systems are similar. They are similar in that both systems include anchors, lanyards, and harnesses. While they are similar forms of fall protection, there are differences. Notice that a fall restraint stops workers from accessing a fall hazard via a tie-off system while a fall arrest system allows a fall to occur but arrests and minimizes injury in the event of a fall. In general, a key difference is that a fall arrest system will stop a worker in the process of a fall while a fall restraint system keeps a worker from reaching the edge, not allowing the worker to fall.

EDGE Fall Protection is a proud supplier of fall arrest and fall restraint systems products. To learn more about EDGE’s active fall arrest restraint systems products, read below.  Feel free to contact our EDGE Fall Team by phone, email, or chat with your questions!  We’re happy to help you with appropriate product selection for your particular project or fall protection needs.

Types of EDGE Active Fall Restraint Systems Products 

Ladder Fall Arrest System

One common workplace item is a fixed ladder.  Fixed ladders are fastened to a secure surface and provide stability when ascending to or descending from an elevated work surface.  Prevent falls while climbing a fixed ladder with a ladder safety system. 

Such a system is attached to a fixed ladder and is designed to arrest a fall in the event that a worker slips while climbing or descending a ladder.  Climbing ladder fall arrest system requirements are a combination of components to arrest a fall.

Security with Fall Arrest Ladder Safety Systems

EDGE’s personal fall arrest ladder safety system assures your worker’s safety and security when climbing a fixed ladder.  A fixed ladder with a fall arrest system makes for safer climbing and safe workers with active restraint.  This ladder fall arrest system with top and bottom mounting brackets, pre-swaged cable, and cable guide is engineered to minimize the possibility of a worker falling off the ladder. 

This system’s anchor point on the top bracket is rated to 3,600 lbs.  Mounting brackets can be used on a variety of fixed ladders with different rung spacing and shapes.  

This flexible cable vertical safety system, a permanently installed system, transforms a fixed ladder to a personal fall arrest system ladder.  Maintain safety, mobility, and productivity for your workers allowing them to ascend or descend with convenient and integrated fall arrest ladder safety systems.  Use a detachable climbing cable sleeve, attached to a full body harness. 

This climbing cable sleeve glides easily along the cable, allowing workers to move up and down the entire height of the ladder without having to disconnect and find new tie-off points along the way.  In the event of a fall, the sleeve locks onto the cable and minimizes the drop distance. 

This 2-user fixed ladder fall arrest system is designed to meet the requirements of the new ANSI Z359.16 standard, along with OSHA 1910.140 and 1926.502, when used with detachable cable sleeves. 

OSHA Fixed Ladder Requirements

As you consider an OSHA ladder fall arrest system, keep in mind OSHA’s final rule in its General Industry Walking-Working Surfaces standards update. With the final ruling, any fixed ladders over 24 feet installed after November 19, 2018 must have a ladder safety system or personal fall arrest system for your workers.

Installation by the EDGE Fall Protection Team

Ladders can get tricky and each environment is different.  You may be asking yourself –
“Does my ladder meet the requirements of this fall arrest system?  Do I need a certification showing our ladder is compliant and capable to withstand the loads that would be exerted on it, in the event of a fall?” 

The EDGE FP installation team is a skilled group of people who can come to your site, perform a ladder evaluation and provide a document certifying that your ladder is capable of meeting the loads required by our ladder fall arrest system.  Once the certification has been completed, the team will get to work installing the system.  It’s that simple.

Do you have questions about a ladder fall arrest system?  Reach out to our EDGE team with questions and help to identify the best ladder safety solution for your needs.

Ranger Fall Arrest and Restraint System

Some environments need a mobile fall protection system for use at multiple locations or for periodic equipment maintenance or inspections. The Ranger Mobile Anchor is a portable fall protection system. It provides users with a perfect solution for a portable fall protection anchor point, providing the anchorage you need, right where you need it, indoors or outdoors.  Paired with a harness and a self-retracting lifeline (SRL), you have a complete “on the go” fall arrest system and fall restraint system.

The Ranger Mobile Anchor fall restraint system product line is constructed with rugged steel and a resilient finish. An adjustable-height 2-inch ball coupler that attaches to trucks or other towing devices allows the Ranger to be easily positioned and erected in minutes.

The large diameter feet of the heavy-duty steel outriggers provide superior stabilization, and all components are easily accessible at ground level for a quick adjustment.  A large lockable storage box allows full access to controls and permits the storage of harnesses, self-retracting lanyards, and taglines.

The Ranger’s mast can fully extend to heights of 18, 20, or 22 feet.  The mast, serving as a fall protection pole, is smoothly raised and lowered by a 12V battery and electromechanical actuator, and therefore eliminates leaking hydraulic fluids. 

The mast is controlled using the pendant or 915 Hz remote and extends in a direct folding path.  A pivoting D-ring allows for a quick attachment of a self-retracting lanyard and allows the user to move freely within a 30-degree work angle in all directions. This makes it a great travel restraint system.

Get fall protection “on the go” with the Ranger fall arrest and restraint system.  For more information, contact us. 

RENTAL Options are now available for our Mobile Ranger!  If you have a temporary need for this product, give us a call and we can walk you through the process.

Tether Track Fall Protection System

A Tether Track fall protection system is an active restraint fall arrest system protecting workers from falls in elevated work environments.

Eliminate Guesswork with Tether Track Anchor Trolley
One of the critical considerations of a fall arrest system is choosing a safe anchor point to offer total protection when used with full-body harnesses and self-retracting lifelines.  With a Tether Track anchor trolley system, the guesswork is eliminated, as workers are assured of a secure anchorage system. 

Use Tether Track as your anchor, tether workers to a mobile suspension cord, and the result is mobility and safety for single or multiple workers.  Unlike traditional horizontal fall protection systems, Tether Track allows workers to pass one another without disconnecting which minimizes the risk of a fall during a reattachment process.

Why Choose Tether Track Anchor Trolley System?  

Featuring an enclosed track design, the steel track keeps dirt and dust from settling on the rolling surface.  The track also features a running flange with a 2 degree taper so the trolley is centered.  This allows the trolley to move smoothly and remain centered directly over the worker.

The track is specifically designed so the cord and anchor won’t interfere with worker movement and can accommodate multiple workers, weighing up to 310 pounds each, with different connections.  Unlike wire rope systems, the Tether Track anchor trolley system delivers shorter free-fall distances, reduced risk of secondary fall injuries and no impact on a second worker in the event of a fall. 

Tether Track fall protection systems are available in multiple configurations suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.  Tether Track systems are designed by engineers to meet and exceed OSHA 1926 Subpart M Construction standard and ANSI Z359 Fall Protection code, offering excellent active restraint fall protection.

Whether you’re interested in a free standing swing, rail lock fall arrest system, overhead fall protection systems, or a rigid rail fall protection system, with Tether Track your workers are assured a fully engineered anchorage system. 

Explore the different Tether Track systems described below.  Give us a call and discuss Tether Track options appropriate for your fall protection needs.

Tether Track Monorail:  Personal Fall Arrest System

The monorail systems are appropriate for applications where a worker needs to travel in a straight line.  Monorail anchor systems offer strength and mobility along a single axis and are available in both free standing and ceiling mounted systems.  When the monorail anchorage is paired with a body harness and connector, workers have an effective personal fall arrest system.

Free standing monorail systems provide free standing support when a building structure is not appropriate for ceiling mounted applications.  Used in areas where floor space is readily available.  Numerous configurations are available, including support by two sides or cantilevered from one side. 

Supporting the monorail system from two sides requires smaller support columns while the cantilever option requires the columns to be larger.  Free standing monorail fall protection systems effectively protects workers maintaining, inspecting, or loading/unloading tankers or flatbed trucks.

Ceiling mounted monorail systems maintain an open floor plan for material handling, production, or related activities.  Ceiling mounted monorail tether track fall protection uses existing support steel for anchorage strength.  The monorail can be mounted flush with the ceiling, or it can be dropped down to the appropriate height.  Appropriate for production facilities and warehouses with tall ceilings since column support is not needed. 

For facilities with a standard ceiling height, the compact, low-profile design of this truss fall protection ceiling mounted monorail provides full protection without concerns about headroom.

Tether Track Bridge System: Rigid Rail Fall Arrest

The bridge overhead fall protection systems provide maximum coverage when a worker needs to move along an x and y axis.  The bridge allows the worker to move within a rectangular coverage area.  Our bridge fall arrest rail system is appropriate for areas that continuously need a fall arrest system over a large area. 

Like the monorail overhead rail fall protection system, bridge fall protection track systems are available in either free standing or ceiling mounted configurations.  Multiple bridges can be supplied for both ceiling and free standing systems which allows multiple workers to use the system simultaneously.  When this Tether Track bridge anchorage is paired with a body harness and connector, workers have an effective personal fall arrest system.

Free standing bridge systems may be preferable when floor space is readily available for installing column supports, when changes in work practices are needed, and when a building structure isn’t available.  The flexibility of this rigid rail fall protection system allows them to be easily modified and moved should processes or your rail fall protection needs change.

Ceiling mounted bridge systems use the structure for support with the rail mounted either perpendicular or parallel to the ceiling beams.  If overhead obstacles are present, drop rod hangers with sway bracing effectively avoids these obstructions.

Tether Track Fold Away

The Tether Track fold away systems allow for deploying as needed and then fold away when done.  There is safety when you need it and space when the fold away system is not in use. As a result, maintain productivity without compromising safety or fall arrest system OSHA compliance. 

The Tether Track fall arrest anchor fold away system is a perfect solution for work areas requiring access to overhead cranes, when floor space is limited, or when infrequent fall protection is necessary. 

Qualification and verification fall arrest testing indicate that this system is designed for workers up to 310 pounds with tools when used with 900 pounds Maximum Arresting Force (MAF) energy-absorbing lanyards.

Tether Track Swing Arm

The Tether Track swing arm systems provide circular or semicircular fall protection. When space is an issue or ceilings are inaccessible, this swing arm system is an effective horizontal fall protection system.  Very versatile and adaptable as the swing arm can be positioned over the workspace as needed and then moved out of the way when not in use. 

Swing arm systems may be mounted to an existing wall column or to the floor in a free standing swing configuration.

Get Individualized Guidance on Fall Restraint System Selection

EDGE Fall Protection is dedicated to fall prevention, fall protection, and worker safety.  We offer a variety of permanent and portable active fall arrest and fall restraint systems. 

We will work with you to answer questions, understand your unique environment, and help you find appropriate fall protection solutions. 

Give us a call and talk with us about your fall protection needs, and our team will help you select compliance solutions according to your timeline and budget.

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