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Work Platform Solutions: Crossovers and Metal Stairs


Almost every industrial environment needs safe access for production and maintenance.   Rooftop maintenance can also require safe access over obstacles and barriers.   Improve safety and efficiency with our OSHA compliant metal stairs, platforms, and crossovers.

EDGE Fall Protection features a line of industrial stairs, industrial platforms, and industrial crossovers which easily bolt together to provide safe access over pipes, conveyors, dangerous or slippery floors, or other obstructions. Configurations include industrial crossover stairs, stair platforms for repeated maintenance tasks, ladder replacement, industrial catwalks, industrial mezzanine access platforms and more.

Using a combination of 5 components:  prefabricated metal stairs, metal work platforms, industrial handrails, aluminum ladders and tower support, this line is an OSHA-compliant, configurable solution for safety, stability, versatility, and durability.  There’s no welding, no production line shutdowns, and no custom fabrication.

We can help you configure a modular system to meet any crossover, ladder replacement, platform, or stair application for nearly any industrial, warehouse or manufacturer scenario. 

To learn more about Metal Stairs Systems, Platforms, and Crossovers, read below.  Feel free to reach out to our EDGE team by email, phone, or chat with your questions!   EDGE Fall Protection can help you design a solution for your safe access needs.

Metal Stairs

Whether you’re looking for prefabricated exterior steps, modular staircase kit, stair ladder platform, or other industrial stair purposes, EDGE’s ErectaStep industrial stairs for sale are built with heavy gauge steel and aluminum and bolt together with no welding or special tools needed. These industrial ErectaStep stairs feature modular, lightweight metal components which are convenient to assemble and reconfigure.   

What are Prefab Stairs?

Prefab stairs or prefabricated industrial metal stairs is a staircase manufactured in sections. Modular prefab stairs eliminate custom fabrication.  Our OSHA and IBC compliant prefabricated aluminum stairs are easy to assemble, fast to install, and provides safe access for various industrial and commercial needs. 

Prefabricated exterior steps are also appropriate for outdoor metal stairs with landing, for a steel staircase outdoor, or for stationary work platforms.

Whether you’re considering metal stairs for a work platform, loading platform, HVAC access stairs, or crossovers, there are unlimited configurations.  Our modular components can accommodate any industrial stair configuration needs.

Metal Stair Features

Our metal stairs features a 26” inside width walk surface, slip-resistant aluminum treads, meets OSHA’s 1000 pound point load requirement, 9 over 9 rise run, yellow handrail and midrail, 2” diameter round handrail, and an additional top handrail to transition to a platform handrail height. Our OSHA compliant non-slip metal industrial stairs for sale are compliant for length, depth, weight-bearing, and are configurable to a variety of heights.

Stair Ladder Platform

Our platform ladder component provides tower support and additional access to areas unsuitable for stairs.  Industrial ladders bolt to the bottom of a platform.

Components of Stair Ladder Platforms

Using a combination of 5 components which are (1) prefabricated metal stairs, (2) metal work platforms, (3) industrial handrails, (4) ladder unit, and (5) tower support, multiple configurations are possible for safe access over pipes, other obstructions, access to work platforms, mezzanines, catwalk platforms, and more!

For more information, contact us!  Assistance is available to help you select the best prefab stairs, prefabricated exterior steps, stair ladder platform, or modular staircase kit for your needs.

Industrial Work Platform

EDGE’s work and maintenance access platforms easily joins to industrial stairs, aluminum stairs, and metal ladders.  Our OSHA compliant modular industrial platform system is easy to assemble.  Multiple configurations are available, all of which are all designed to get you into the space you need to do your job.  Lightweight, yet durable, the system is easy to move from one place to another on your job site.

EDGE’s access ladders and industrial platforms are easily assembled without welding or fabrication. This allows safe access to elevated controls or equipment.

Benefits of Industrial Platforms

An industrial platform can turn seemingly unusable space over equipment, conveyor, and walkways into raised work areas.  It can be a hassle to walk around machinery to get to the other side.  It can also be inconvenient to go back to office space to complete reports or paperwork.  Industrial work platforms make it possible for you to simply walk up and over machinery.  An industrial platform gives you the ability to observe what’s happening on the floor and get reports or paperwork done.  Modular access platforms allow you to take advantage of your vertical space by going over obstacles rather than going around.  With industrial work platforms, you can go over pipes, conduit, and conveyors.

Industrial steel platforms are an effective solution to fully utilize existing overhead space.  Take advantage of empty space above equipment and machinery for light storage, production vantage points, or maintenance access.

Industrial Crossover Platforms

Industrial crossover platforms allow for access over obstacles such as conveyors, assembly lines, pipelines or other machinery with safety.  EDGE’s industrial crossover platforms come in a variety of configurations are OSHA approved work platforms.

On the rooftop, there are multiple risks to rooftop workers.  Risks include air ducts, pipes, skylights, interior parapets, and other obstacles.  Navigating these obstacles without a safe roofwork platform for work or maintenance puts workers at risk of serious injury.  A crossover platform provides a safe access solution for obstructed rooftops.

Crossover Platform Features

A prefabricated aluminum work platform features a 36” square platform which connects with additional platforms, a universal design on all four sides for adaptability for various applications, and a lightweight self-draining tread.  The modular design of this aluminum work platform accommodates requirements from a single 3’ by 3’ work platform to unlimited access platform configurations and requirements.  Designs can be arranged in a 3’ by 12’ walkway configuration with four single 3’ by 3’ platforms side by side or perhaps a 9’ by 9’ platform with nine single 3’ by 3’ platforms arranged in 3 rows and 3 columns.  And these arrangements can be expanded with the aid of tower supports.  Intermediate support is needed when using more than three single work platforms.

The universal design on four sides of a single platform allows handrails and stairs to attach to common bolt holes on any side.  This allows for multiple configurations without any drilling or fabrication.  Configurations can be rearranged, and components can be repurposed. 

Are you concerned about meeting OSHA stairs and platforms requirements?  Do you have questions about industrial crossover platforms, a steel platform with stairs, or an industrial mobile platform?  Call us today with your questions!

Prefabricated Crossover Stairs

A crossover product can help workers safely navigate over a conveyor, pipe, or other equipment.  It’s not worth the risk of injury to climb over or duck under obstructions.  Not only save time, but also work safer with raised walkways to clear conveyors, pipes, and machinery.  Slips, falls, and injuries happen around obstacles that should have a designated safe crossover for work.

Compliance for OSHA crossover stairs or OSHA conveyor crossovers gives you peace of mind for your next inspection.

EDGE’s crossover ladders and platforms are designed to fit a wide variety of industries and applications.

Industrial Ladder Platforms

Industrial ladder platforms allow for safe access to elevated controls or equipment.  EDGE’s industrial ladder stairs provide a protected workspace so workers can access the controls or equipment they need.  Our industrial ladder platforms are easily assembled without welding or fabrication and consists of a universal platform, handrails, aluminum ladder, and tower support.

Industrial Crossover Ladders

Provide your workers with safe access over obstacles and barriers with our industrial crossover ladders.  Constructed with durable aluminum, our stairs can be placed over pipes and other obstructions which provides you with reliable access.    EDGE’s industrial crossover ladders are easily assembled without welding and consists of prefabricated crossover stairs, platform, and handrails.

Rooftop Crossover Stairs

Rooftop crossover stairs are an economical way to bridge roof obstructions allowing for transitioning from one roof level to another, traversing roof mounted pipes and conduits, and accessing elevated platforms.   A crossover platform is also ideal for traversing a roof gap.  Our systems are designed to be installed without any penetration and damage to the roofing membrane.  EDGE’s rooftop crossover stairs provide essential safety features for safe access over hazards.

Crossover Stair and Platform Features

EDGE’s crossover stairs and crossover platforms incorporate a common bolt hole pattern for a variety of structural configurations.   Lightweight aluminum and powder coated steel construction requires no welding and no custom fabrication.  Assembly is quick and access is safe.

Design crossover stairs to meet any height and length for your application needs.  Three aluminum work platforms can be bolted together in a series without tower supports, thus providing up to 9’ of linear clearance.  Create a 12’ linear clearance crossover stairway by bolting 4 single work platforms together and add a tower support at each end.  To span longer distances or to clear larger obstacles, bolt together four or more work platforms and add a tower support to each end of your crossover stairs. 

Do you have questions about a crossover ladder, portable crossover ladder, or other products?  Let us help you!  Give us a call and speak with one of our EDGE Fall Protection team members for answers to product related questions or ask about a solution to fit your particular application requirements.

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