As news of COVID-19 continues to develop, we want to assure you, our customers, that we will continue to help you with any project, at any phase. Whether it be planning or building, we consider Safety an essential part of any operation. Please reach out to us with any questions at 844-314-1374 or - we're here to help keep you safe.

SlowStop® Guarding Systems

EDGE Fall Protection focuses on providing you the best safety solutions both on and off the ground. Therefore, EDGE Fall Protection is pleased to bring you SlowStop® guarding systems to protect your most valuable assets on the ground and provide an increased level of safety. We offer a variety of SlowStop® systems featuring SlowStop® Rebounding Bollards, the strongest surface mounted bollards on the market. The patented rebounding bollard system ensures maximum safety by gradually softening impacts if they occur. Rebounding bollards absorb the energy from impact and then rebound back into position leaving both the vehicle and the bollards with less damage. The rebounding bollards serve as the basis for the SlowStop® Fencing and Guarding systems, SlowStop® Horseshoe Bollards, and other protectors. Contact EDGE Fall Protection today to let us design a SlowStop® guarding system to meet your specific needs.

SlowStop® Rebounding Bollards

SlowStop® Rebounding Bollards are the strongest surface mounted bollards on the market. The rebounding bollards are easy to install and will not damage your concrete foundation. Vehicle accidents are less likely to result in injury as impact is softened during collision with a rebounding bollard. They also allow you to replace damaged parts without re-pouring concrete if an accident does occur.

SlowStop® Guarding Systems and Fencing

SlowStop® Guarding Systems and Fencing are provided in a variety of modular designs to fit your specific needs. The railing, fencing, and corner guards connect to the SlowStop® Rebounding Bollards and can accommodate nearly any configuration. We can help assist you in designing the system you need.

SlowStop® Horseshoe Bollards and Other Protectors

SlowStop® Horseshoe Bollards and Other Protectors: At EDGE Fall Protection, we pride ourselves in being able to provide you with the best product to fit your needs and applications. We offer a variety of other SlowStop® products that offer maximum safety, protection, and stopping power. These include SlowStop® Horseshoe Bollards, Ironflex column protectors, and IronFlex pallet rack end guards.