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Industrial Safety Gates


Industrial Safety Gates

EDGE Fall Protection, LLC, offers common and specialty Commercial Safety Gates to meet your specific scenario.

Our EDGE Self-closing industrial safety gate is one the most widely used safety gate we offer.  Attach it to round, square, or flat surfaces to meet OSHA standards and keep your employees safe.  Its onsite adjust-ability allows it to be fit perfectly for your application.

Our Pallet Flow Industrial Safety Gate incorporates into existing mezzanines quickly, and without customization.  Utilizing two Self-closing commercial safety gates, the Mezzanine Pallet Gate is a simple solution to keep personnel safe at elevations.

Our Horizontal Mezzanine Safety Gate or Vertical Mezzanine Safety Gate come with either basic functionality, sophisticated safety automations, or somewhere in-between.  Let us know what your requirements are, and we will assemble the appropriate Industrial Safety Barrier package for your needs.

For your shipping and receiving area, we have our Industrial Loading Dock Safety Gates.  Select one of our Industrial Safety Barrier Gates for your loading dock depending on your needs.  The single cantilever loading dock gate, double cantilever loading dock gate, and rolling loading dock safety gate all have different benefits.  Give us a call to determine which would be best for you!

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