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Non-penetrating Guardrail


Mobile 360 Non-Penetrating Guardrail

Edge Fall Protection strives to give our customers the best solution for their fall protection needs. Our 360 Mobile Safety Rail is a non-penetrating guardrail does just that! The ballasted 360 Mobile Safety Rail has been tested to meet all OSHA requirements pertaining to guardrail (29 CFR 1910.23 and 29 CFR 1926.502). The 360 Mobile Safety Rail is perfect for Roof Perimeter fall protection, rooftop unit fall protection, courtyard fall protection, and can also be used for skylight fall protection. Each base is approximately 100 pounds of cast iron finished in a standard powder coated safety yellow or galvanized. The system is easily assembled by inserting the sized rail sections into one of (4) receiver posts in the base. A securing pin is added to keep the rail in place, and the process is repeated until you’ve covered your required area. Outriggers, which are a rail and base at a 90 degree angle from the leading edge, are required at the beginning and end of each run to maintain stability at only the stop and start of each run. Only two outriggers are required, whether the run is 10’ or 1,000’. In addition, the freestanding 360 Mobile Safety Rail maintains the integrity of the roof by avoiding expensive penetrations. The system is easily assembled, and can act as temporary OSHA compliant guardrail system or permanent OSHA compliant guardrail system.

Architectural Accufit Free Standing Safety Railing

When looking for an architectural non-penetrating safety railing, look no further than our AccuFit System.  The AccuFit Free Standing Roof Safety Railing System is a pipe and fitting system with (3) different type of stanchions that allow the system to better blend in with the roof line.  The passive fall protection guardrail system ensures that whenever individuals are up on the rooftop, they are safe.  Choose between our hot-dipped galvanized standard railing or a custom color to match your building exterior.

Metal Roof Safety Railing

Metal roofs can be a particularly dangerous area to work as they easily become slippery with precipitation.  Our AccuFit Metal Roof System will provide a passive fall protection safety rail solution for metals roofs.

R-Panel and Corrugated Metal Roof Safety Rail

R-Panel and Corrugated Metal Roofs lacked options for proper fall protection for quite some time.  The AccuFit R-Panel Safety Rail System or the AccuFit Corrugated Safety Rail System will provide a permanent solution to your fall protection needs.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Safety Rail

Our AccuFit Standing Seam Metal Roof Fall Protection System utilizes S5 Clamps to engage the standing seam and avoid any penetrations.   The non-penetrating metal guardrails are easily installed and can be built for any type of seam.  Give us a call and tell us about your specific requirements!

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