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Permanent Rail Systems


Scenarios for permanent safety barriers arise is all types of environments. Edge Fall Protection is happy to design an industrial safety system specifically for your application.

One of the downsides of permanent guardrail systems, is the fact that they are permanent.  Unlike most systems, our brackets and railings are designed to act as a permanent safety barrier, but can be removed when needed.  Simply release the tension from the set screw or remove the securing pin from the bracket and slide out the removable safety rail.  This allows for protection of personnel at all times, with the flexibility of providing access when required.

Our Permanent removable industrial safety system can be utilized for mezzanines, shipping pits, roof tops, elevated platforms, as access control or as crowd control.  It can easily incorporate with any of our Industrial Safety Gates, Dock Gates, or our industrial self-closing safety gates.  Give us a call today with your specific requirements and needs!

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