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Depending on your skylight protective cover specifics, we have a solution to comply with OSHA and CALOSHA regulations 29 CFR 1910.23(a)(4), 29CFR 1910.23(e)(8), 29 CFR 1926.502(b)(4).

Skylight Fall Protection

There are a few simple ways to protect personnel from skylight fall protection hazards, but the most common roof safety system types would be: skylight screens, skylight cages, or skylight guardrail.  The skylight screen is a non-penetrating OSHA compliant system that is designed to absorb the weight of a falling person.  Skylight protective covers are simple to install on the skylight frame, durable, and a great economical solution to keeping individuals safer on the rooftop.

Our skylight fall protection cages –Skyguards – are similar to the skylight screens, but these clamp directly onto the roof curb beneath the frame and are even simpler to install than the screens!  The fully welded roof safety system makes installation a 5-minute process.  The Skyguard skylight protective covers still provide OSHA compliant skylight fall protection and require zero penetrations.

The skylight guardrail – Skyview – works as you would expect.  The free-standing guardrail encloses the skylight to stop dangerous falls.  This system is also non-penetrating and can be manufacturer for any dimensions.

Importance of OSHA Compliant Skylight Fall Protection

OSHA considers skylights to be a hole in the rooftop, similar to an open roof hatch.  Skylights are particularly dangerous as they create a false sense of security, and workers are less likely to use cation around them.  Make no mistake, unprotected skylights kill people.  Please use best judgement while working around them, and help mitigate the risk by providing a roof safety system.

Check out our Skylight Fall Protection BLOG for more information or give our team a call to help find a solution for your scenario!


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