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Horizontal Lifeline System

  • Continuous protection for those working near a fall hazard
  • Available for floor-level, wall-mount, and overhead mount options
  • Can accommodate corners and various application shapes
  • Turnkey Solution including:  Assessment, Engineering, and Installation
  • Durable weather resistant Stainless Steel components
  • OSHA compliant
  • Made in the USA
Product Specifications

Product Specifications

EDGE Fall Protection’s Horizontal Lifeline System is part of a fall restraint or fall arrest protection system. This lifeline fall protection system is designed to permit continuous safe access adjacent to a rooftop edge, while working at an elevated surface, or other industrial applications to address fall hazards. These safety lifeline systems are comprised of anchor points and a cable system designed and engineered to provide fall prevention or fall arrest for the user.

EDGE’s Engineered Horizontal Lifeline System

Horizontal Lifeline Flexible Applications

Horizontal lifelines are commonly used fall protection systems in applications that lack an existing anchor point for personal tie-off. A lifeline cable is usually attached to two or more anchor points on a rooftop, runway, bridge, outdoor construction site, or any elevated work area which poses a potential fall risk. EDGE Fall Protection provides horizontal lifeline applications for rooftop, elevated platforms, safe access, industrial, and other working at height applications.

Further, horizontal lifelines provide fall protection coverage across a wide distance by attaching a series of anchor points to the surrounding structure.

Here is our recent installation of a horizontal lifeline system:

Lifeline Fall Protection Mounting Options

Horizontal lifelines must be attached to two or more anchor points. Positioning of a horizontal lifeline can be overhead for factory workers or at the base of a structure such as a roof, or somewhere between overhead and base applications, such as a crane or rigid rail application. Mounting options can accommodate corners and different building shapes. Consequently, horizontal lifelines can be attached at various levels with floor level, wall mount, or overhead mounting options.

Safety Lifeline Systems Continuous Protection

Properly connecting to a horizontal safety lifeline system by utilizing a lanyard and harness allows the user to travel safely parallel to the fall hazard. This combination of personal protection equipment and horizontal lifeline can arrest a fall while limiting the force transferred to the worker and the fall arrest system. In addition, the combination of horizontal lifeline, body harness, and lanyard also serves as a fall restraint system which limits the worker from getting close enough to fall over an unprotected leading edge. Horizontal lifeline systems allow workers flexibility to traverse along the length of a cable span and minimizes the need for the worker to detach and reattach to anchor points.

System Engineering for a Complete Overhead Fall Protection System

We understand that every situation is different, which is why we provide engineering services to ensure that people are safe, but also that your building can withstand the loads that may be applied in the event of a fall.  If additional reinforcement of the building structure is needed, our project managers and engineers will get creative with problem solving to come up with a solution that is functional and cost effective.


Horizontal lifelines are constructed from stainless steel components and offer corrosion resistance.

OSHA Compliant

EDGE’s Horizontal Lifeline System is designed for ease of use while offering the highest level of fall protection and meeting OSHA horizontal lifeline requirements. Please note that according to OSHA’s Subpart D – Walking-Working Surfaces, “OSHA requires that horizontal lifelines are designed, installed and used under the supervision of a qualified person.”

Turnkey Installation by EDGE FP

While we are always happy to provide detailed installation instructions so you can get the job done in house, EDGE FP also offers turnkey installations on all of our systems.  If you want to leave the details and concerns of proper setup, we’d be happy to send our team of professional installers directly to your job site or facility.  We are ready to work anywhere in the USA!

Here is a roof life line system we installed for a customer:

HLL and Anchor Point Inspection

 If you choose to have our team perform the installation of our HLL System, they will ensure that all anchor attachment, swaging, tensioning, and material are set up correctly.  Additionally, it is wise to have your equipment inspected annually by a competent and qualified person.  The EDGE protection team can arrange an annual inspection of your equipment to ensure all components of the system are functioning in the intended manner and are safe for usage.  We can also perform load or pull tests on equipment and anchors to recertify their capacity.

Horizontal Lifeline System Features

  • Continuous protection for workers near a fall hazard
  • Mount options include floor-level, side (or wall) mount, and overhead
  • Flexible to accommodate various applications, corners, and building shapes
  • Durable weather-resistant components
  • Meets OSHA horizontal lifeline requirements
  • Made in the USA

Reach out today to discuss your horizontal life line fall protection needs. We’d love to speak with you! (844) 314-1374

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