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Industrial Crossover

  • Heavy duty aluminum construction
  • Unlimited configurations
  • Flexible for reconfigurations and relocations
  • OSHA compliant
  • Made in the USA

EDGE’s Industrial Crossover Systems provide your workers with safe access over obstacles and barriers.  Our systems are constructed from lightweight heavy-duty aluminum components and corrosion resistant material ideal for both interior and exterior applications. Our industrial crossover systems are not only OSHA compliant, but also provide safe and reliable access over pipes, rooftop walls, conveyor belts, other obstructions and access to valves and control equipment.

EDGE’s Industrial Crossover Systems

Five Main Components

Using a combination of five main modular components, our industrial crossover system can be configured to span a wide range of obstacles.

The five main components include metal stairs, metal universal platforms, metal handrails, metal tower supports, and metal ladders.  Universal metal platforms and metal stairs are stamped for a positive-traction surface.  Pipe construction handrails are powder coated.  With common bolt hole patterns, units bolt together with ease.

The modular design is precision manufactured, engineered with heavy gauge steel and aluminum, and requires no fabrication.

Configured to Your Project

With unlimited configurations, there is a crossover system available to meet any height and length clearance your application requires.

Our crossover stairs easily configure for safe access over pipes, obstructions, or other hazards.  For up to 9’ of linear clearance, three platforms can be bolted together in a series without tower supports.  If your application requires clearance for larger obstacles or to span longer distances, simply bolt four or more platforms together and add a tower support to each end of your crossover stairs.  Depending on the confines of your space or your worker access needs, different heights are accessible by stacking combinations of metal stairs and crossover ladders and platforms. It is easy to create a customized and safe industrial crossover system of any length and height.

Easy Assembly

Our systems feature lightweight heavy-duty aluminum components which are easy to assemble and reconfigure.  The five main components share bolt hole patterns to reduce the number of parts and assembly time.  Assembling the components of an industrial crossover system requires a minimum number of tools and does not require a crane or boom truck.  No drilling, cutting, or welding.  Use simple hand tools to attach the handrails, stairs or ladders to any side of the metal universal platform.  In most cases, two or three workers can install a robust OSHA compliant crossover system in a matter of hours.

Cost Effective Industrial Crossover Systems

Our pre-engineered modular components save time and money over custom engineering costs associated with traditional welded steel or custom aluminum systems.  An industrial crossover system can be configured and installed in a fraction of the time it takes for a custom engineered and fabricated product.  Units can be unbolted, repurposed, or expanded later for different configurations.

OSHA Compliant

Industrial crossover system products have OSHA safety compliance built in.  This lowers risk of ownership and increases safety.  Each system is completely OSHA compliant.

Turnkey Installation by EDGE FP

While we are always happy to provide detailed installation instructions so you can get the job done in house, EDGE FP also offers turnkey installations on all of our systems.  If you want to leave the details and concerns of proper setup, we’d be happy to send our team of professional installers directly to your job site or facility.  We are ready to work anywhere in the USA!

Industrial Crossover Systems Features

  • Five main modular components available: metal stairs, metal universal platforms, metal handrails, metal tower supports, and metal ladders
  • Heavy duty aluminum construction in the innovative design which reduces welds and strengthens the system.
  • Unlimited configurations of crossover ladders and platforms
  • Flexible for reconfigurations, relocations, and expansions
  • Built to comply with OSHA’s regulations in any configuration
  • Made in the USA
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