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Industrial Platform

  • Unlimited platform, stair, and ladder configurations
  • Lightweight heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Non-slip surface
  • Durable powder coated finish safety handrails
  • Components bolt together for fast and easy installation
  • Can be repurposed and reconfigured
  • OSHA compliant
  • Made in the USA

EDGE’s Industrial Platform System is a prefabricated modular work platform system designed for a wide range of industrial applications.  Constructed from lightweight heavy-duty aluminum and corrosion resistant material, industrial platform systems are ideal for interior and exterior use.  Applications include platforms for industrial assembly lines, maintenance and service, mezzanines, catwalks, walkways, crossovers, access platforms, and more. Keep your workers safe with a durable industrial prefabricated platform system.

EDGE’s Industrial Platform Systems

Modular Components

Using a combination of five main prefabricated modular components, industrial prefabricated platform systems can be configured in multiple ways to meet your fall protection and safe access requirements.

Five main components for unlimited configurations include: universal industrial platforms and stairs, safety handrails, tower platform supports, and ladders. These five main components are constructed of lightweight, yet heavy-duty aluminum components which come in an array of sizes and are easy to assemble and reconfigure.

Depending on your space or your worker access needs, varying heights and lengths are accessible by stacking combinations of universal platforms, safety stairs, and ladders.

With modular components, there are infinite possibilities and configurations to create raised walkways, work platforms, and mezzanines without costly engineering or fabrication.

Universal Platforms

Each durable aluminum platform is 3’ x 3’ and is expandable using its common bolt hole patterns located on each side of the platform.  Platforms, stairs, and ladders are attached simply by using an open-end wrench and ratchet.

When using three platforms bolted together to create a span of nine feet, no additional support is required.  With four or more platforms, tower support is required.  Tower support bolts easily to the bottom of one or more multiple platforms, no matter where stairs are located.  Each platform has a stamped slip resistant surface for solid traction.

Safety Handrails

Handrails are manufactured in a single standardized size and share the same bolt hole pattern with the universal platform.  This allows the handrails to be attached to any side of the universal platform.  Safety handrails are constructed of round 2”, high-grade aluminum tubing, and powder coated safety yellow for durability and longer service life.

Safety Stairs

Stair units bolt to any of the four sides of the universal platform which allows for ease of customization for your application requirements.  Stair units are available in 9” vertical increments with 26” of walk surface and a slip resistant tread.  To meet OSHA regulations, stair handrails are powder coated safety yellow.

Tower Platform Supports

Tower platform supports carry the weight of the work platform and the workers on the platform with ease.  Supports use an anchor bolt hole design to match with the bolt hole pattern on the bottom of the universal platform.  This allows for three ways to bolt your configuration:

  1. Bolt a single tower to one platform,
  2. Bolt two platforms on either side of a support tower,
  3. Bolt tower supports on multiple sides of the same platform.

When using more than three platforms in succession, support towers are necessary.

Ladder Units

Ladder components come in eleven sizes, from one to eleven steps.  Ladder units bolt to the bottom of any platform without additional parts or engineering.  Each ladder functions as a support tower.  ANSI yellow powder coating on ladder unit handrails meet OSHA safety requirements as well as a durable finish.

Flexibility and Versatility

Industrial platform systems are easily assembled for your application without welding or fabrication, special tools or cranes.  An industrial platform system can be configured and installed in a fraction of the time it takes for a custom engineered and fabricated product.

Create a solid and safe industrial platform using a combination of universal platforms, safety handrails, stairs, tower platform supports, and ladders.  There are unlimited configurations for your industrial platform applications.  Configurations can be modified at any time.  Components can be unbolted, repurposed, or expanded for different configurations.

OSHA Compliant

Industrial Platform Systems components are designed to meet all applicable OSHA platform requirements, but other regulations including those for standard railings, stair railings, handrails, width, angle of stairway rise, tread and strength, fixed ladders, side rails, grab bars, and more. We write extensively about the confusion on fall standards, and can advise you on the best solutions to remain compliant.

Turnkey Installation by EDGE FP

While we are always happy to provide detailed installation instructions so you can get the job done in-house, EDGE FP also offers turnkey installations on all of our systems.  If you want to leave the details and concerns of proper setup, we’d be happy to send our team of professional installers directly to your job site or facility.  We are ready to work anywhere in the USA!

Industrial Platform Systems Features

  • Five main modular components available: universal platforms, safety stairs, safety handrails, tower platform supports, and ladders
  • Unlimited ladder, industrial platforms and stairs configurations
  • Lightweight, yet heavy duty aluminum construction
  • Non-slip surface
  • Durable powder coated finish safety handrails
  • Common bolt hole pattern
  • Flexible to repurpose and reconfigure, for expansions or relocations
  • Built to comply with OSHA’s regulations in any configuration
  • Made in the USA
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