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Fencing and Guarding Systems: Guardrail Specifications

  • Surface mounted
  • Simple installation
  • Replace damaged parts
  • Modular and adjustable to fit your exact needs
  • Reduce chances of injury


Product Specifications

EDGE Fall Protection focuses on providing you the best safety solutions both on and off the ground. Therefore EDGE Fall Protection is pleased to offer SlowStop® fencing and industrial guarding systems: The Flexrail Modular Guardrail and the Iron Flex Guarding System.

These modular systems connect to the SlowStop® Rebounding Bollards to provide maximum ground safety and protection from car, truck, or forklift collisions. They not only protect personnel from moving vehicles inside our outside of the facility, which is the priority of all our safety equipment, but they provide significant protection to assets in the manufacturing facility.  The bollard’s and railing’s ability to flex when pressure or force is placed on the system, results in a slower impact for the person driver (reducing neck or back injuries), still provides protection of assets and personnel, and eliminates the need for replacement of the substrate if the railing does receive any permanent damage.  The systems are also easy to install and are provided in a variety of standard lengths to fit your specific project needs.

Benefits of SlowStop® Fencing and Guarding Systems

  • Easy to install. Industrial fencing systems and industrial guarding systems are based on SlowStop® rebounding bollards which can be installed with common tools in about 15 minutes for each bollard.
  • Unique and complicated barriers can be made with slide-together connectors without the need for welding.
  • Vehicle accidents are less likely to result in injury as impact is softened during a collision.
  • Collisions with SlowStop® bollard guarding systems results in less damage to the vehicle compared to traditional bollard guarding systems.
  • If damage does occur to guarding system, the modular design allows replacement of damaged parts without replacing the entire system.
  • The bollards system can be relocated without filling large holes in concrete or chipping away old concrete.

Available Fencing and Guarding Systems:

The FlexRail Modular Guardrail systems is comprised of modular guardrail sections connecting the 4” SlowStop® bollards. Modular Guardrails sections meet OSHA requirements of a 21″ mid-rail and a 42″ top rail from the working surface, and can be order as 13.1 feet (4 meter) or 6.6 feet (2 meter) lengths.  If different length measurements are required, material can be field cut to exact lengths.  

The FlexRail Modular Guardrail can withstand 24,780 pounds (110 kN) of force without permanent damage after impact. The FlexRail comes yellow powder coated. All FlexRail Guardrail kits come with everything needed for installation including the 4” SlowStop® bollards.


The IronFlex Guarding System comes in both single rail and double rail systems. The single guardrail system stands 25” high and the double guardrail system stands 42” high. The guarding sections are specifically made for either 3” SlowStop® bollards or 4” SlowStop® bollards depending on your needs. The guard rails can be order in standard 4’, 6’ and 8’ lengths, and can be field cut if exact lengths are needed. Please contact Edge Fall Protection today for help selecting the appropriate system for your application or if a customized solution is needed.


Fencing / Guardrail Specifications & Dimensions

4” FlexRail Modular Guardrail 3” IronFlex Double Rail System 4” IronFlex Double Rail System 3” IronFlex Single Rail System 4” IronFlex Single Rail System
Height 42” 42” 42” 25” 25”
Energy Absorption 9,172 joules or

6765 ft/lbs

2,507 joules or

1,849 ft/lbs

3,778 Joules or

2,787 ft/lbs

1,836 joules or

1,354 ft/lbs

3,023 joules or

2,230 ft/lbs

Bollard Diameter 4.00” 2.88” 4.00” 2.88” 4.00”


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