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Davit Crane

  • Telescoping Davit Crane with 550 lbs capacity; 1,200 lbs fully retracted
  • Boom and mast made of carbon steel with corrosion-resistant zinc-plated finish
  • Telescoping boom makes infinite adjustments while under load
  • Lightweight and corrosion resistant
  • Various options available
  • Made in the U.S.A.

EDGE Fall Protection’s versatile Davit Crane Systems is part of an overall davit fall protection system and have the capacity to lift, pull and position heavy loads. EDGE’s various davit crane fall protection options include a freestanding non-penetrating system, wall mounted spreader bar davit crane, wall mounted davit crane, or a davit attachment to a steel column or stub column. 

Each davit crane is rated with 550 pounds lifting capacity and 1,200 pounds fully retracted. This versatile davit crane is ultra-lightweight and is available as a portable or stationary system.

EDGE’s Davit Crane:

What Is a Davit Crane System?

A davit crane system is engineered to perform a variety of liftings, transporting, and safety operations. Davits are used for lifting products or equipment and can safely raise and lower workers from heights or in a confined space. A davit crane system is comprised of a modular arm and base plate or pedestal. 

The davit arm mounts in a connector socket secured to the base. The base plate can be mounted to a freestanding non-penetrating platform with counterweights, or in a wall mount or steel column, or stub column.

Davit cranes can be temporary, permanent, or portable depending on the work site and your specific needs. These versatile davit cranes can be configured with a manual or powered wench to fit your situation.

Our davits are utilized in construction, industrial, and in maintenance and repair scenarios. Davit systems enable the transportation of materials to a rooftop of a building or to carry materials to elevated locations.

Light and Adjustable Davit Crane

The davit crane’s infinitely adjustable, telescoping boom and mast are made of carbon steel with a corrosion-resistant zinc-plated finish. This patented telescoping boom, along with the corrosion-resistant finish, makes for a long-lasting and easy-to-use hoist system for lifting.

The davit boom is infinitely adjustable. For simplicity, EDGE’s davit boom ratings have four positions for a horizontal boom position including 36″, 46″, 56″, or 66″, each with 550 pounds load rating. Telescoping boom adjustments can be made while under load and a ratchet screw jack adjusts the boom under load.

Furthermore there’s a DIN-Rated hand winch equipped with a load holding weatherproof Weston brake. An electric winch, that is an AC and DC power winch types are available and sold separately.

Davit Crane Bases

Because the davit crane system consists of two main parts, the base, and the arms, they are easy to construct. Whether the davit crane is permanent or frequently moved, a base is necessary.

For jobs that require you to establish a davit in one location, a permanent base can be vaulted to the floor as a floor crane or to the wall. A base may be bolted to the floor in a facility.

It is also possible to set the permanent base in fresh or existing concrete.

A davit crane roof mount base may be utilized to secure the arm so the crane my be utilized for maintenance. A wall-mount base allows a davit crane attachment to the wall of a parapet to avoid penetrating a roof when a suitable structural wall isn’t available. A wall-mount base can be mounted to the wall in a facility to save floor space.

A portable davit crane hoist system can be used for temporary projects.

Davit Crane vs Jib Crane

Some people may think a jib crane is the same as a davit crane. Both are typically comprised of some steel or composite materials and are used to lift or lower equipment. But typically jib cranes with their fixed location, fixed boom settings are more expensive and less versatile than davit cranes. Jib cranes also use a chain hoist which are not well suited for longer lifts. As opposed to davit functionality for longer distance lifts because the wire rope is captured on a winch drum. In addition, a wire rope hoist lifts at a higher rate than a chain hoist and the capacities as a portable crane for easy transport.

Roof Davit Crane

EDGE’s Rooftop Davit crane was designed with a specific customer in mind – they needed to haul up filters to their rooftop units to change those filters for their monthly preventative maintenance tasks. After a design phase, our rooftop davit crane was launched, and our installation team has installed dozens across the country.

Davit Crane Roof Mount Components

Davit Base: The base serves as the main support for the davit arm and the worker platform. The base attaches permanently to the building’s roof.

Davit Arm: The davit arm is a bracket which are mounted in a connector socket to the base. Unlike the davit base and socket, davit arms do not stay fixed to the rooftop. Davit arms are flexible in that they are mobile.

Adapter Socket: An adapter or connector socket is designed to connect the roof davit arm to the davit base. These sockets can be flush-mounted or embedded.

After the base is installed on the building, the davit arm can be attached and detached. As a result, the davit crane system is easy to move and won’t take away from the aesthetics of a building.

While a davit crane can be installed as a permanent stationary davit crane, the user has the option of being able to remove the crane from the base plate for storage away from the elements.

EDGE Davit Crane Options

Safety is a detail of fall protection that EDGE takes very seriously. Whether it’s shop cranes or related products, we can help you determine the type of davit system which works best depending on your specific requirements and workspace.

Davit Crane Roofmount Ibeam

Edge’s davits are available in free-standing, wall mounted, or available was a davit attachment to a steel column or stub column. Are you considering a davit crane roofmount ibeam as an ibeam crane?

Are you looking for a wall-mount base attachment to a parapet wall, a davit crane roof mount i-beam functionality, or other portable davit crane systems?

Based on your rooftop constraints and criteria, EDGE Fall Protection would choose from one of several options:

Freestanding Platform Davit

– Telescoping Davit Crane with 550 pounds capacity; 1,200 pounds fully retracted

– A freestanding non-penetrating platform with counterweights.

– Appropriate for rooftops when no parapet is present or mounting to a parapet is not a preferred method.

Davit Spreader Bar or Sandwich Panel

– Insulation inside precast panel

– Wall Mounted Spreader Bar Davit Crane

– Telescoping Davit Crane with 550 pounds capacity; 1,200 pounds fully retracted

Davit Wall Mounted

– Full concrete tilt up parapet

– Wall Mounted Davit Crane

– Telescoping Davit Crane with 550 pounds capacity; 1,200 pounds fully retracted

Davit Attachment to Stub Column or Steel Column

– Steel column or stub column has been included and framed into the structure

– Utilize an OZ lifting specifically OZ-1 mounting plate to existing steel plate (to be welded by others; welding NOT included by EDGE Fall Protection).

– Telescoping Davit Crane with 550 pounds capacity; 1,200 pounds fully retracted.

Unsure of which davit arm system works for your needs? Reach out to our knowledgeable team with your questions. We perform an engineering review of your specific building, provide a detailed analysis, submittal and calculation package with a state-specific stamp for your documentation.


In order to complete our engineering review of the davit crane, please provide the following:

– Architectural As-Built Sets (original shell building + tenant improvements)

– Structural As-Built Sets (original shell building + tenant improvements)

– Pre-Cast or Tilt Wall Shop Drawings (For Field Use)

– Joist and Deck Manufacturer Shop Drawings (For Field Use)

– Joist Manufacturer Load Calculations

– Picture take at desired crane location (on rooftop with parapet measurements)

Turnkey Installation by EDGE FP

While we are always happy to provide detailed installation instructions so you can get the job done in-house, EDGE FP also offers turnkey installations on all of our systems. If you want to leave the details and concerns of proper setup, we’d be happy to send our team of professional installers directly to your job site or facility. We are ready to work anywhere in the USA!

Davit Crane Features

  • Telescoping Davit Crane with 550 pounds capacity; 1,200 pounds fully retracted
  • Boom and mast made of carbon steel with corrosion-resistant zinc-plated finish
  • Telescoping boom makes infinite adjustments while under load
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Various options available
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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