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Customized Guardrail Solutions

  • Ladder access guardrail
  • Pararails
  • Adjustable midrail
  • Finish rail
  • Step rail
  • Low Profile Outriggers
  • Wheeled/latched gates


Product Specifications

Product Specifications

When you have an atypical scenario on the rooftop, or in a manufacturing facility, don’t fret. We’ve seen a lot of odd configurations, and we want to help solve YOUR problem with a custom guardrail solution. Let us know what we can do by filling out our Contact Us form.

Parapet Railing – The ParaRail

Often times, the leading edge mechanical unit is right along the roof edge.  It needs to be protected, but there is not room available for a standard rail section to fit along the edge.  This is the perfect location for our pararail Parapet Railing.  Give us the exact dimensions of your existing parapet, and we will customize a piece of fall protection safety equipment that bends to conform to your specific needs.  The Parapet Railing can be manufactured to meet any requirements and will be made here in the USA and finished with a hot-dipped galvanized finish or powder coated finish.

See other Parapet Clamping Rail, if this isn’t the guardrail solution you’re looking for.

Adjustable Railing

When ducts, conduits, or other pipe impedes the 21″ mid rail or 42″ top rail, we have a custom guardrail solution for that!  Our adjustable railing allows for onsite modifications, or we can fabricate it to exact specifications before shipping. This adjustable fall protection safety equipment integrates seamlessly with our other 360 Roof Railing Systems – 360 Mobile Safety Rail, Enduraline Warning Line, and all other non-penetrating guardrail systems.

Customized Roof Hatch Guardrail

For all standard sized roof hatches, we offer our standard EDGE Fall Protection Roof Hatch Guardrail.  If you have a customized roof hatch or smoke hatch, give us the dimensions, and we will create an custom guardrail based on dimensions, or implement our 360 Mobile Safety Rail with a self-closing safety gate or latched wheeled gate, to get you the best and safest product setup possible.

We want to create a custom fall protection system that is functional, safe, and efficient. When getting into custom solutions, companies often say they will help out the customer, but soon become distant once things get tough.  We at EDGE Fall Protection like to get into the details and love learning from our customers. If there is a way to get the job done safely, we would love the opportunity to help you get there!


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