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EDGE E3 Safety Gate

  • Provides fall protection at ALL times – The work safety gate that can NEVER be left open!
  • Spring-loaded fork slots allow for variability of the fork placements
  • No air, electricity, or hydraulic required to operate
  • NO loss of mezzanine space
  • Made in USA
Product Specifications

Product Specifications

EDGE E3 Gate Benefits

EDGE Fall Protection EDGE E3 Industrial Safety Gate is designed with workplace safety and OSHA compliance in mind – a true win for both employees and business owners.

Aside from simply keeping your workers safe (and your pockets filled with profits instead of legal costs!) the EDGE E3 Work Safety Gate boasts incredible ease of use over its competitors:  

  • This industrial safety gate requires NO participation with the user  
  • Pallets are raised to the appropriate height on the mezzanine via forklift or other lifting mechanism
  • The pallet is lifted over the E3 Gate with the center line of the forks and the pallet is then lowered onto the mezzanine deck  
  • The fork slots are spring loaded and will automatically widen to a maximum opening of 8.5 inches  
  • Once the pallet is safely on the mezzanine, the forklift can reverse until the forks are clear of the vertical plane of the mezzanine
  • While not in use, the EDGE E3 Gate’s fork slots remain at a 4.5″ width to protect employees

EDGE E3 Safety Gate Installation

The EDGE E3 work safety gate has been designed to perform as a stand-alone product, this means less time and money spent by you trying to install safety equipment, and more time spent improving your bottom line.

The E3 Industrial Safety Gate can be customized to fit to any opening dimension – an added bonus and something our competitors can’t do! With simple customization, you’ll be able to solve multiple workplace safety problems with the same simple solution.

The E3 work safety gate can be set it up with either a deck mount or face mount plate to be anchored into the mezzanine – a nice option for business owners who may not be sure how long they’ll need the protection in place.  

Installation is simple – weld or bolt the railing attachment points to an existing railing, door frame, or wall along each side to ensure stability of the system and a continuation of your existing fall protection railing or other system. Soon after, you’ll be up and running and completely OSHA compliant!  

We don’t sacrifice aesthetics when it comes to quality either – just because this gate is industrial doesn’t mean it can’t fit seamlessly into your existing workplace! The E3 Industrial Safety Gate comes in painted epoxy or Stainless Steel – a sure fit for any work environment.

Custom safety gates are available upon request!

Give EDGE Fall Protection a call today to understand which mezzanine safety gates you need, whether horizontal or vertical gates are best suited for your application – We can’t wait to help you put an end to your workplace safety concerns!



Safety measures in the workplace are among the most important things to both business owners and employees alike.

While workplace safety is something easily controllable, many business owners don’t give it the same amount of attention as other aspects of their business.

Edge and rooftop safety, in particular, should be at the forefront of every individual working in a construction-related industry. In 2017 alone, 39.2 percent of the total deaths in construction were due to fatal falls – an inexcusable statistic. OSHA also lists fall protection in construction as the number one most frequently cited violation in their inspections.

Industrial Safety Gates in Fall Protection

In general industry, fall protection is required at a height of four feet above a lower level.

In construction, this requirement slightly changes. Fall protection is required at six feet above a lower level, and is required at ten feet when it comes to scaffolding.

Ideally, anywhere someone can take a spill and severely injure themselves should require at least some form of fall protection.

Costly Solutions

In the past, employee safety on mezzanines, rooftops and edges has required at LEAST one of the following: Pneumatic/Electric/Hydraulic operation of a gate, personnel on the mezzanine to open/close a pivot or sliding gate, or creating a temporary opening in the mezzanine for material flow.

If all of these solutions sound like a hassle, it’s because they are. Hydraulic and electric operation of a gate will increase your costs across the board, and hiring personnel to patrol the area will cost the same, if not more!

And really, who wants to purposefully damage their surface to create a temporary opening?  

If you’re ready to take your workplace safety seriously, then we’re ready to help. EDGE provides rooftop and edge safety precautions to businesses of all sizes, and the EDGE E3 Industrial Work Safety Gate is one of our most popular solutions.

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