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Horizontal Mezzanine Safety Gate

  • Available in widths 48” – 192”
  • 42” high gate with mid-rail and 4” toe board
  • Available with a Powder Coated Safety Yellow over Mild Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, or 316 Stainless Steel
  • Manual or electric operation
  • Deck or face mount options
  • Additional safety features can be included.
  • Made in USA

Mezzanine Fall Protection

While mezzanines are imperative in many industrial applications, mezzanine safety is also a major concern.  It’s no surprise that industrial mezzanines pose a significant fall hazard, as they are by their design, an elevated working platform.  For the most part, deck railing on industrial mezzanines cover the majority of any issue related to fall protection (check out our Industrial railing section if you don’t have this addressed already), but for specific instances where material needs to go from one platform to the next, or you are in an elevated work-space requiring access, our Horizontal Mezzanine Safety Gate may be just what you need!

Horizontal Mezzanine Safety Gate

The Horizontal Mezzanine Safety Gate offers mezzanine fall protection safety for your employees, while allowing access for material flow, operational movement, or temporary employee restriction. Designed for simple use, the gate slides on either the deck or on a face mounted bracket. Ideal for scenarios with vertical restrictions. The horizontal mezzanine safety gate is designed to meet OSHA standard 1910.23 (a)(2), and includes a 42″ high handrail, 21″ high mid-rail, and 4″ high toe board. Options to operate the gate manually or by the push of a button or remote control. This gate will put your mezzanine concerns to rest. We also offer vertical safety gates for mezzanines.

Additional Options

We at EDGE Fall Protection understand that every situation is unique.  This is why we’ve developed a standard horizontal mezzanine design to address mezzanine fall protection, that can easily incorporate a number of additional features and options to address your specific requirements.

  • Operation Options
    • Manual Mezzanine Safety Gate
    • Electric Mezzanine Safety Gate
  • Mounting Options
    • Deck Mount Option – Standard
    • Face Mount Option
  • Fabrication Material
    • Powder Coated Safety Yellow Mild Steel (custom color available upon request)
    • 304-2b Stainless Steel
    • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Additional Options
    • Custom widths – 4′ -16′; Please call for other sizing options
    • Radio Control Kit and Keypad – Operate the Electric Mezzanine Safety Gate by your forklift driver similar to a garage door
    • Photoeye Kit –  restrict closing or opening of the gate if there is an obstruction in the way
    • Pull Cord – operate the Gate from a lower level by including a pull cord.

Horizontal Mezzanine Safety Gate Partial Specification

Specialty custom designed, manual, fully electric, or electric/pneumatic HORIZONTAL MEZZANINE GATE by EDGE Fall Protection, LLC. Toll Free/Fax: 844-314-1374. Website: E-mail: The HORIZONTAL MEZZANINE SAFETY GATE is designed for elevated openings.

  1. Manual Operation; Model MGH – XX
  2. Electric Operation; Model MGHE – XX
  3. The SLIDING HORIZONTAL MEZZANINE GATE is to be fabricated from structural or formed steel shapes, ASTM A36; tubing, ASTM-A-500 Grade B, ASTM-A-513; bars, ASTM-A-36, M1020; of appropriate size and strength, welded construction. Optional materials include Stainless Steel (304 or 316).
    1. Height: 42 inches (1067 mm)
    2. Mid-rail: weld to posts at 21 inches (533 mm) below top rail.
    3. Toeboard: 4 inches (102mm)
    4. Vertical members not to exceed 8 feet on center.
    5. Rollers to be minimum 2-5/8 inch diameter, concealed within toeboard. Rollers to be non-corrosive.
    6. Placards: Include two factory applied caution labels that describe the gate as
      being operable.
      1. Electrically Operated – (4) 5/16”-18 x 1” Hex Bolt, (6) 5/16” nylock nut, (8) 5/16” flat washer, (4) #14×1” Tek screw
      2. Manually Operated (Deck Mounted) – (5) 1/4”-20 x 1 3/8” flat head sleeve anchor, (2) 3/8”-16 x 1 7/8” hex nut sleeve anchor, (4) #14×1” Tek screw
      3. Manually Operated (Face Mounted) – (2) 5/16”-18 x 1” hex bolt, (2) 5/16”-18 nylock nut, (4) 5/16” flat washer
        1. Finish on all exposed surfaces to be Power Coat Safety Yellow, or Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel products to be mill finish, welds are ground smooth, not polished, and are factory acid washed, neutralized and rinsed.
    8.  DC Electric Operation
      1. One (1), 1/3 HP Low Voltage DC Electric Motor with all motor mounting hardware and drive system components.
      2. One (1), Pre-wired Control Panel (24 Volt DC controls) with integral push button assembly. Control Panel has built in Limit and Obstruction Sensors.
        1. Requires: 120 Volt, 10 AMP minimum, Single-Phase power supply (by others).
        2. Built-in Remote control Receiver with non-volatile memory for up to 60 different transmitter codes, customer programmable.

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