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Loading Dock Gate

  • Single cantilever, Dual cantilever, and Rolling opening gates available from 4’ – 20’
  • Pneumatic shocks included in cantilever gates for easy opening and closing
  • Tough Powder Coated Finish
  • 100% made in USA

The loading dock area is often overlooked when dealing with fall protection.  With constant shipments coming and going and the door being left open for the next truck to back-up or simply to let a breeze in, personnel are going to be exposed to a height greater than 4’, and not in OSHA compliance. We have three distinct options for loading dock fall protection.

Single Cantilever Loading Dock Safety Gate

The single cantilever loading dock gate is designed for smaller loading dock openings from 6’ – 12’.  This system is simple to install, comes with pneumatic assist cylinders to make lifting easily done with one hand, and fully clears your loading dock opening.  This loading dock safety gate is best used when no height restrictions are in place.

Double Cantilever Loading Dock Safety Gate

Our double cantilever loading dock gate is designed to for even larger spans requiring protection.  This loading dock safety gate is designed to provide leading edge fall protection at the dock from spans of 8’ up to 20’ in 2′ increments.  Similar construction to our single cantilever loading dock safety gate, our double loading dock safety gate can be an excellent alternative when height restrictions are an issue, or loading docks or access areas are spanning more than 12′.

Rolling Loading Dock Safety Gate

Our Rolling Loading Dock Safety Gate can be implemented when there are overhead restrictions by the dock area and clearance is on one side.  Just unlatch and push the Rolling Safety Gate out of the way to access your trucks.  This Rolling Safety Gate is also a great solution for restricting access in high trafficked areas.  This OSHA compliant safety gate will keep you employees safe, and is simple to operate.


All of our Industrial Loading Dock Gates provide a simple solution to this fall hazard.  Pneumatic shocks allow for easy movement of the cantilever dock gates into the open or closed position!  Give us a call to solve your dock issues today, and pair it with our Removable Pit Rail or Permanent Floor Mounted Safety Railing for a complete safety solution!

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