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Pallet Safety Gate

  • Powder coat safety yellow or stainless steel finish with durable stainless steel torsion springs mounted within the hinge assembly
  • Adjustable mounting
  • Additional Supports or crossbars NOT required
  • OSHA compliant
  • Made in USA

Pallet Safety Gate

Mezzanine safety is an issue for almost all manufacturing companies that do their best to utilize their warehouse space as efficiently as possible.  Our Pallet Safety Gate offers a simple and safe solution to these mezzanine safety issues.

Pallet Gate Use

EDGE Fall Protection’s Pallet Safety gate is designed to be safe and in compliance at all times. This mezzanine pallet safety gate requires minimal participation with the user.  Pallets are raised to the appropriate height on the mezzanine via forklift or other lifting mechanism.  The pallet is then pushed through the pallet rack gate until it is placed onto the mezzanine platform.   The pallet rack gate has been designed to perform as a stand-alone product, but mounting is required to maintain mezzanine safety.  When not in use, the Pallet Safety Gate acts as an extension of the railing system surrounding it by integrating seamlessly into the mezzanine leading edge and meeting OSHA required standards of 42″ railing and a 200 pound load test.

Pallet Safety Gate Installation

The pallet safety gate has been designed to perform as a stand-alone product, but mounting is required to maintain mezzanine safety.  The Pallet Gate comes standard with (2) self closing safety gates, (2) rubber teardrop bumpers on the bottom of each gate to absorb impact form the pallet and forklift forks, toe boards to ensure no material is accidentally kicked off the elevated working surface, two upright posts, and one cross member joining the upright posts to maintain rigidity.  The entire system can be assembled on the ground or mezzanine prior to mounting.  All components easily bolt together.  Once assembled, the pallet gate assembly is stood upright and bolted into the existing mezzanine or substrate via the floor brackets.  Lastly, connect the uprights to the existing wall or railing.  Please refer to the operation and maintenance manual before installation.


Give EDGE Fall Protection a call today to understand which commercial safety gates are best suited for your application!



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