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EDGE Self-Closing Safety Gate

  • Round, square, or flat/wall mount options
  • Powder coated yellow, galvanized, or stainless steel finished
  • Adjustable up to 7”
  • Self-closing
  • 100% made in the USA
Product Specifications

EDGE Self-Closing Safety Gate

Our industrial self-closing safety gates are designed for maximum protection, simple installation, and versatile application. Each gate can be mounted on flat bar, angle iron, round tubing/rail, or face mounted to an existing surface.  We have two different types of gates available, one with adjust-ability up to 6″ and another option of adjust-ability up to 3.75″. Our safety gates come in sizes varying between 16″ – 39″.

Industrial Ladder Safety Gates

One of the most common applications for our swing safety gates is as industrial ladder safety gates.  While falls from the rooftop make up the highest percentage of fall related deaths, falls from the ladder make up the second greatest percentage in that category.  Our gates, as industrial ladder safety gates protect your employees from falling through the ladder opening, which is such a simple and cost effective way of protecting such as dangerous area to your employees.

Available Finishes:

Powder Coated Safety Yellow Self-Closing Safety Gates

Powder coated safety yellow safety gates are perfect for their high visibility and durability.  Always in stock, these gates can ship out quickly to sites, and will provide a visual warning to all employees and contractors that there is a fall hazard in the area.

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Self-Closing Safety Gates

Our Hot-Dipped Galvanized Self-Closing Safety Gates offer all the functionality of the other gates, but are slightly better suited for some corrosive environments than our powder coated safety yellow option.  It blends in better to its surrounding if aesthetics are important.  These too are always in stock and ship out quickly to protect fall hazards or limit access.

304 Stainless Steel Self-Closing Safety Gates

Our 304 Stainless Steel Industrial Self-Closing Safety Gates have excellent corrosion resistance as well and value.  This gate is easy to sanitize making it ideal for industrial food applications or areas highly susceptible to corrosion.  In addition, it is generally more visually appealing than the powder coated safety yellow or galvanized safety gate option.  Choose our 304 Stainless Steel Self-closing safety gates for any variety of applications.

316 Stainless Steel Self-Closing Safety Gates

EDGE Fall Protection’s 316 Stainless Steel Self-Closing Safety Gates are the most corrosive resistant gates we have available.  Operations or manufacturing facilities that involve chemicals are located in highly corrosive environments near coastal regions, manufacture medical equipment, or are often exposed to chlorides or industrial solvents will benefit well from the properties of the 316 Stainless Steel Industrial Self-Closing Safety Gates. Also, see our pallet safety gate page for additional solutions.

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