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Metal Roof Guardrail

  • Utilizes S-5 Clamps to engage seam
  • Integrates seamlessly with our Mobile 360 system
  • Available for standing seam, corrugated roof, and R-Panel
  • Heavy-duty powder coat, galvanized or custom color finish
  • OSHA compliant metal guardrails that last
  • Simple Installation
  • 100% made in USA
Product Specifications

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular due to their low costs to manufacture and maintain, but OSHA Guardrail is still required in certain areas.

Our Metal Roof Fall Protection Systems can be installed in standing seam metal roofs, R Panel Metal Roofs, or Corrugated Metal Roofs. Depending on your specific needs, we have a metal roof safety system for you!

Our metal roof fall protection guardrails are perfect for temporary or permanent solar installations. Place the standing seam metal roof guardrail up before the solar installation, and keep it in place for the continued maintenance of the panels.

Standing Seam Guardrails for Metal Roof Fall Protection

For all standing seam metal rooftops, our AccuFit Standing Seam Metal Roof Guardrail will allow you to meet OSHA compliance with ZERO roof penetrations.  Our bases utilize S5 Clamps that engage the existing roof seams.  The entire system simply tightens together with stainless steel set screws to create a fully OSHA compliant standing seam roof guardrail system.

Corrugated Roof Guardrail or R Panel Roof Guardrail

For OSHA complaint roof guardrail on corrugated or R Panel rooftops, we utilize our self-drilling tech screws and self-sealing gaskets to ensure installation is simple, but also avoids future leaks.  As simple to install as our standing seam roof guardrail system, as well as fully OSHA compliant roof warning lines.

Need something less intrusive and temporary? Check out our non penetrating roof railing products.

AccuFit Metal Roof Guardrail Architectural Safety Railing Specifications

Roof Edge Protection: Provide freestanding pedestrian egress barrier system on roof, including railings, bases, and hardware by EDGE Fall Protection, LLC.

  1. ACCU-FIT Traditional Mobile Safety Rail System, : SRC ACCU-FIT Designer Mobile Safety Rail System
    1. System shall have top and mid rail in accordance with OSHA Standards – 29 CFR 1910.23 (a)(2).
    2. Structural Load: 200 lb (90.7 kg), minimum, in any direction to all components in accordance with OSHA Regulation 29 CFR 1926.502.
  2. Height: 42 inches (1067 mm), nominal.
  3. Pipe Railings: 1-1/4 inch I.D. schedule 40 pipe by 21 foot length, to be assembled free of sharp edges and snag points. Field trim pipes to fit application on corners or terminations.
    1. Connections; Join pipe railing lengths together with approved splice fittings. Tighten all set screw connections to 29 ft. lbs.
    2. Modular Pipe Fittings to be cast iron fittings manufactured to the requirements of ASTM A 47-77-32510
    3. Stanchions:
      1. Curved Architectural Stanchions 1-1/4 inch I.D. schedule 40 pipe by 42 inches tall in base.
      2. Traditional straight stanchions
      3. Designer series stanchions.
  4. Mounting Bases:
    1. Metal deck mounting plates mechanically fastened to roof for Standing Seam metal roofs.
    2. Metal deck mounting plates mechanically fastened to roof for R-Panel panel roofs.
    3. Metal deck mounting plates mechanically fastened to roof for Corrugated Panel metal roofs.
  5. Receiver Posts: Stanchion shall be pinned into base plate with 3 inch Z-pin
  6. Securing Pins: 1010 carbon steel, zinc plated and yellow chromate dipped. Pins shall consist of collared pin and latch that connects to lynch pin.
  7. Rail Accessories:
    1. Toe Board Brackets: Provide toe board brackets as required
    2. Finishing Rail: D-shaped railing extension for ladder landings, length of rail section and D-loop as indicated on the Drawings.
    3. Ladder Spanner Brackets: Provide brackets at ladder transition points as required.
  8. Finish: Steel surfaces
    1. Hot Dip Zinc Galvanized
    2. Factory finished powder coat paint.
    3. Hot Dip Zinc Galvanized & Factory finished powder coat paint.
      1. Color:
        1. None
        2. Safety Yellow.
        3. Color Specified by Architect

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