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Parapet Wall Clamping Rail

  • Completely non-penetrating
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Heavy-duty zinc plated clamps
  • For use as either a temporary or permanent solution
  • Powder coated, galvanized, or custom colored rails
  • OSHA compliant
  • Simple Installation
  • 100% made in USA


Parapet Wall Fall Protection

There are some instances where systems like our 360 Mobile Rail is too difficult to get to a rooftop, or can’t be implemented due to tenting of the roof membrane along the parapet edge.  For these instances, the parapet clamp guardrail system by EDGE Fall Protection fits the bill.  This roof parapet wall railing system grips the existing parapet until it is stable enough to meet the 200 pound load test required by OSHA.  Then, our prefabricated powder coated or galvanized steel railings slide into the receiving post and are tightened to 29 pounds of torque with the provided stainless steel set screws.  Installation is quick and simple, and provides needed fall protection for an OSHA compliant work-space.

Temporary Roof Fall Protection System – Parapet

The parapet clamp guardrail system can be used an either a permanent or temporary roof fall protection system.  As a temporary safety railing system, workers or contractors can perform installation or maintenance to existing rooftop units by transporting our system from location to location.  Each of our clamps weigh less than 20 pounds and come in a variety of sizes for parapet thicknesses ranging between 1″ – 24″.  Our sized rail sections are also light weighing no more than 28 pounds.  Both the prefabricated steel railings and the parapet wall clamps can be used over and over again for temporary fall protection.  No hoisting of studs or hammering of nails will be required to assemble the system.  Your team will look professional when working at heights with an actual roof parapet wall railing system in place, but, more importantly, they will be safe.

Permanent Safety Railing System – Parapet

As a permanent parapet fall protection system, the parapet clamp guardrail system functions exactly as it does a more traditional temporary guardrail system.  As mentioned earlier, the roof parapet wall railing can go where other non-penetrating or penetrating systems cannot.  If you have a 21″ existing parapet, we are happy to customize a sized rail section to get you to the OSHA required 42″ working surface guardrail height. Any custom parapet rail can be created and will be finished with a powder-coated or hot-dipped galvanized finish for durability and longevity. See this post for more on when a guardrail is required.

Call EDGE Fall Protection today and let us help you with your needs!


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