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AccuFit – Modular Railing System

  • Modular and adjustable to fit your exact needs
  • Heavy-duty powder coat or galvanized finish, custom color available upon request
  • Quickly assembled by tightening set screws

Our AccuFit Modular Railing System is designed to be a strong durable guardrail system that provides fall protection or can limit access. Custom designs have been created for Oil Refineries, Chiller Units, Rail Cars, Flat beds, and numerous others. The railing comes in standard 6’ lengths cut to size and is pieced together by the use of galvanized fittings with set screws. If any length other than 6’ is required, simply cut the pipe to the appropriate length and proceed with installation. The AccuFit Modular Railing System is truly a versatile product!

AccuFit Kits – Modular Railing System

Our AccuFit kits provide simple ordering and efficient use of our modular railing system.  Standard as 6′ kits, 6′ extension kits, 6′ corner kits, or 12′ standard kits, we can create any length run with all necessary galvanized modular fittings quickly and easily.  Either give EDGE Fall Protection a call at 844-314-1374 to give us your lineal footage needs with required corners and stop/starts and we can quickly get you a price, or calculate it yourself.  By ordering this AccuFit modular railing system, you allow for the flexibility of adding to your existing system in the future.  If you require a wall mounted handrail system, we can easily swap out the standard floor mounting fittings for a galvanized wall mounted base flange.

Modular Pipe Fittings

The modular pipe fittings used in our system are durable, long lasting, and simple to install and use.  Each and every one of our modular pipe fittings that are used in conjunction with our galvanized steel railings provide a long lasting modular railing system.  Each of our modular pipe and rail fittings are made of cast iron with a hot-dipped galvanized finish.  Each of these galvanized fittings come with standard set screws to allow for quick and simple installation.  The stainless steel set screws should be tightened to 29 pounds of torque when used with our modular railing to ensure proper rigidity of our modular railing system.   We have modular pipe and rail fittings for almost every application, modification, or adjustment.  Wall mounting handrails, floor mounting handrails, or custom handrails can all be created using this simple system and the variety of galvanized fittings available.

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Remember to incorporate our Kwik Rail Modular Railing System with one of our Safety gates: Vertical Mezzanine Safety GateHoriztonal Mezzanine Safety GatePallet GateSelf-closing Safety Gate, or our Industrial Loading Dock Gate!

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