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The Truth About Roof Guardrail Systems

360 Mobile Hide-a-Rail Folding Rail Down - EDGE Fall Protection

Safety is a critical component of the workplace, and one place where it is most important is on the rooftop.  Fall fatalities from the rooftop account for almost 30% of all fall fatalities.  No other fall location has a higher percentage of deaths, making flat roof safety a absolutely necessary part of any company’s safety plan.

Roof Guardrail Systems

Roof guardrails and are probably the most effective solution to limit incidents along the leading edge of your rooftop.  Roof guardrail systems like our 360 Mobile Safety Rail allow for roof edge protection where needed most.  In addition, the 360 Mobile Roof Guardrail does not require any penetrations through the roof membrane, is OSHA compliant, and is 100% made in the USA.

Complementary to our 360 Mobile system, our AccuFit Architectural roof edge protection system provides all the same roof edge fall protection, but offers an aesthetically appealing look to blend into your building and environment.  It’s standard hot-dipped galvanized finish looks great with any modern building, or it can be customized to match your exterior fascia.  We understand that safety, while always necessary for employees, may not want to be seen by passerbys.  The AccuFit Architectural rooftop guardrail system is your perfect solution when this is the case.

We have a number of different guardrail systems for roofs or for any of your specialty needs as well. Of course, ladder access and general roof access exposes employees to a number of different fall hazards, and we have our Hatch Guard Roof Guardrail and ladder guard roof guardrail to protect against those leading edges. Both of these rooftop guardrail systems are completely non-penetrating, and include self-closing safety gates to corral employees until they are a safe distance away from the leading roof edge. Visit these pages for our skylight screens or skylight rail systems. 

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