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SlowStop® Rebounding Bollards: Steel Mounted

  • Surface mounted
  • Simple installation
  • Comes in 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6” sizes
  • Replace damaged parts
  • Reduce chances of injury


Product Specifications

At EDGE Fall Protection, we know the importance of protecting your most valuable assets while providing maximum safety. Therefore, EDGE Fall protection offers SlowStop Surface Mounted Bollards, the strongest surface mounted bollards on the market. The patented rebounding bollard system ensures maximum safety by gradually softening impacts if they occur. It absorbs the energy from impact and then rebounds back into position leaving both the vehicle and the core steel bollard with less damage. If damage does occur, the modular system allows you to replace just the damaged part. The SlowStop Surface Mounted bollards are easy to install and will not damage your concrete foundation. The bollard system also serves as the base for the SlowStop® fencing and guarding systems, which offers protection to greater areas within the facility to protect electrical equipment, office areas, machining equipment, pallet racks, and, most importantly, personnel.

The SlowStop Steel Surface Mounted Bollards are galvanized and yellow powder coated with a black cap. All SlowStop bollard kits come with everything needed for installation. Our rebounding steel bollards come in 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6” sizes, depending on your specific requirements. For a comparison, please see the chart below.

Benefits of Rebounding Bollard Systems

  • Installation of rebounding bollards is simple.  Our bollard kits come with everything needed to install our rebounding bollard, including anchor bolts.  It can be accomplished with common tools in about 15 minutes for each bollard and does not require any modification to the concrete substrate.
  • Vehicle accidents are less likely to result in injury as impact is softened during a collision. (Source:
  • Collisions with rebounding bollards also results in less damage to both the vehicles and bollards compared to traditional bollards.
  • Fork lift loads are more likely to be retained during impact with a rebounding bollard.
  • If damage does occur to rebounding bollards, the modular design allows replacement of damaged parts without re-pouring concrete.
  • Rebounding bollards can be relocated without filling large holes in concrete or chipping away old concrete.

Available Rebounding Bollards

The 3” SlowStop® Rebounding Steel Bollard is perfect for light applications. It stops 5,000 pounds at 2.7 mph without damage.

The 4” SlowStop® Rebounding Steel Bollard is perfect for medium applications including cars, light trucks, and forklifts. It stops 5,000 pounds at 3.4 mph without damage.

The 5” SlowStop® Rebounding Steel Bollard is perfect for medium to heavy duty applications including car traffic, light trucks, and forklifts. It stops 5,000 pounds going at 5.6 mph without damage.

The 6” SlowStop® Rebounding Steel Bollard is perfect for heavy applications including delivery trucks, heavy forklifts, and even semitrailers. It stops 5,000 pounds at 7.5 mph without damage.


Rebounding Bollard Specification Comparison

Bollard Size 3” 4” 5” 6”
Bollard Diameter Size 2.88” 4.00” 5.56” 6.63”
Bollard Height 42” 42” 42” 42”
Bollard Weight 37 lbs 62 lbs 110 lbs 161 lbs
Bollard Energy Absorption 1,621 joules or
1,195 ft/lbs
2,667 joules or
1,967 ft/lbs
7000 joules or
5,163 ft/lbs
12,934 joules or
9,536 ft/lbs


If you have questions about bollard wall thickness, or diameter or bollard height questions as it relates to your specific application, please give us a call or send us an e-mail. We are happy to ensure your order meets the project specifications required for your bollard system needs and keeps you and employees as safe as possible!

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